Was it the last ride of Summer or first ride of Autumn?

Everyone who knows me in real live life (or even on Facebook) has heard me complaining about how hot it has been this summer.  I like Seattle for its year round cycling weather (as long  as you don’t mind getting wet) but its been over 80 entirely too much this summer!  I am very much looking forward for the cooler weather of Autumn!

But I don’t like everything about the new season…

The cooler temps are great, but I honestly don’t like the sun going down so early! Yes, I know, about this time my dad woulda looked at me and said “Boy, you’d complain if you were hung with a new rope!” and then walk away shaking his head.  The early sunset limits the after work cycling though!

Michelle knows that I haven’t had a chance to ride as much as I like lately, we’ve flat been busy.  She also knew that starting Tuesday morning, rains a coming (it is going to feel GOOD!) so she sent me on my merry way for a 40 mile loop! This could very well be the last after work 40 of the year.

You know, it hit me on the ride today.  Another difference between bike and car commuting.  I can’t think of one reason I would add 23 miles on to my commute just to get in extra driving time in a car.  On a bike though, for the extra  exercise, I had no problem doing so, and enjoying it!

I did my normal lake Washington Loop and crossed I-90 on bridge.  As always I am amazed at how many divers are creeping along, looking cranky as hell, and how few bikes are on the trail.  (Less than 10!) They would enjoy life so much if they got out of the car…  But some people will just never learn.

Once on the other side, though, I called an audible.  Heading directly to Bellevue from the end of the trail bites.  I have to wait to cross Bellevue Way, which takes forever, and then climb a long, steep boring hill. (good exercise yes, but I HATE Bellevue way)

Instead, I decided to cut through the Mercer Slough, in hopes that it took me to the road I preferred.




It turned out I was correct! At the other side of the trail was a much better route to and thru Bellevue to keep me on my way!

I cruised easily past slow and stop and go traffic as I went through Kirkland.  It’s a cute town, but hands down it’s the worst place to drive!  I even had to stop traffic using the bike to let an older lady cross AT A CROSSWALK!  She gave me a big thank you and a smile! The guy in the BMW I stopped was not as smiley.

As I reached Woodinville, and went down 40 MPH Hill (LOVE that descent every time) I realized I hadn’t checked the Odometer lately.  Sure enough, I missed a milestone!  These legs, since Christmas 2007, have now pedaled 17000 miles!


Almost 6 trips across the United states!  I am still honestly surprised each time I hit a milestone mark on just how far I have gone!

Once in Woodinville I picked up the trail for the last leg, trying to race the sun to get home!  On the Burke Gilman there were many people taking advantage of the last nice day this week, and getting exercise.  Other cyclists, joggers, walkers, skate boarders and inline skaters were all out there.

This lady, though, had the most peaceful route going.





It was worth stopping for to get the picture!

The rest of the trip was uneventful.  I made a quick stop at Thriftway for Powerade and Salad dressing.  After all the food and wine this weekend, I am in MAJOR detox mode!  Salad, with some garlic chicken and hardboiled egg (and fresh picked tomatoes!) made for an excellent after ride dinner!

I did NOT get home before dark, but like I used to say to mom, “There is still SOME light in the sky…”

The only thing I am unsure of is what to call this ride.  I know today is the first day of Autumn, but I did not hear the exact time it was to hit.  So I really don’t know if this was a last Summer ride, or the first of Fall.  All I do know is that I needed it!  I enjoyed it!  And I am very happy Michelle helps kick my butt and gets me on the road…

And I know this will sound strange to y’all, but I am VERY much looking forward to walking in the rain at lunch tomorrow!

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  1. By the end of summer, I’m usually longing for fall weather as well…but only for the first week or so. 🙂

    Congrats on reaching the milestone!

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