A good Hubby?

Well yall, last week I posted about Michelle’s birthday, it was a milestone one (with a zero at the end) so it was very important. I checked with her Sunday evening, after all had left and the house was quiet (and the Seahawks won!) to see how it went.  She said it was PERFECT!  And since then, on the blog and other places I’ve gotten some great reviews on being a good hubby.  But trust me, I had help….

I should first explain why I decided to write this post. I have an ex work wife that emailed me yesterday.

Wait, not everyone knows what a work wife is?

A work wife (or husband) is that friend of the opposite sex at work that you hang out with a lot.  There is NO spark, no flirt, nothing but friendship, but you spend so much time together that you finish each other’s sentences, flip each other major crap, and people outside work (such as when you do lunch errands) think you are a couple.

You spend enough time together that some people think something may be happening between you.  As my WW (workwife) was 10 years younger, blonde and cute, I just laughed at the rumors.  When she heard them though she looked at me and said (and yep a direct quote) “You are way to short, way to skinny, way to old and way to married for me to be interested in you!”  (well at least she didn’t say smelly or funny looking!)

Anywho, she also had her milestone birthday last week, and in essence it went un celebrated… Which, understandably so, left her feeling hurt.  Especially after I told her about Michelle’s birthday.

I thought about explaining to her what I will be telling you all, but I decided she wasn’t in the frame of mind to hear it.  So I just let her email vent…

What I wanted to tell her was I had help, from Michelle herself.  We’ve been discussing her birthday all year, and for good reason.  I like to just skip mine.  (Drives her nuts, but that’s just me)   Her’s, to me though, is different, it’s important.  So to make sure it was what she wanted it to be, we talked about it!

Yep, I know, its shocking, but communicating works!! I asked where she wanted to go to dinner, which night, what time etc.  This way I could get everything set up with our friends.    Yes I could have guessed what she wanted.  But this was an important day for her so I wanted it to be perfect.

Now some may think I should have just “known.”  But as the team we are, it just works well that we talk.

HOWEVER, once I got what she hoped would happen, she was out of any planning or discussions.  I took over.  I made the reservations, got the invites done, and made sure everything else was taken care of.  All she had to do was show up, hug people and eat!

Sometimes we share present lists, such as for Christmas.  It is a tradition with her family.  But normally, for the two of us, we just pay attention to other, and know what to get.  This time, with the wedding ring, I scored big time!  That was ALL me!

To make a long story short, she had a VERY memorable and a happy birthday, and it makes me feel good that people are giving me full credit for it.  I will tell you though, it’s the team effort, and a bit of input from her that made sure it was all it should’ve been.

So ladies and gents, let the other one know what you want.  No hints, as people like me suck at hints.  But flat-out just say “Hunny, for my birthday, please make this happen!

So, am I good hubby?  I would say better than average.  But I did listen, I made it happen and I made her happy on a very special day.  And that’s the most important job any habbu has!






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  1. Yeah, I know what a work wife is. Even though I’m not married, I do consider one of my co-workers like a work wife. She’s a little taller than me, blond, and always seemed to have a habit of bringing network devices down when she touches it … haha. And she gives great relationship advice (why I’m not hitched yet, that’s my fault, not hers). :p

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