AN observation day…

Yesterday was a busy day.  Errands, chores around the house, getting things done meant we were  out and about a lot yesterday.  Strange though, it was one of those days where I noticed some things about the people around us…

It started with our Starbucks run.  A lady went in in front of us with 2 daughters, maybe 4 and 7.  I wasn’t paying too much attention to them until I heard.  “NO!  I just have enough money for my coffee I am not getting you two anything!”

OK, I’m no kid expert, but to me a simple, “No not today” woulda sufficed.

If it would’ve stopped there, I wouldn’t have thought much, but go figure it went on.  The two were whining, saying they wanted different things, and carrying on.  She looked at them and said. “I buy you stuff EVERYDAY!  Today I am just getting coffee!”  The oldest argued back, “No you don’t!” “Yes I do!” (ok who was the kid?)

The last thing I heard was, “Today I am taking you both to the children’s museum!! I am not buying you anything! Why do you two always act like this??”

Then thankfully, it was her turn to order.  Next thing I see, the kids each got a cake pop!  What the hell! You said no 13 times, you said you don’t like the way they were acting, but what the heck, let’s give them cake as a reward!?!?  I am pretty sure this was the look on my face.


Now I am no parenting expert, and lord knows mine acted up at that age, all kids do!  But when they did, they did NOT get anything as a reward.  They quickly learned my anger stare, and the look alone (to this day) will stop them in their tracks.

On the other hand, if they asked politely, hadn’t been a pain, and there was no reason not to, I was happy to get them something.  I will never say raising kids is easy, but one trick is to stick to “NO” when you say it.  Why do those two act that way so often?  Cuz apparently it works on mom!  (Makes me wonder if mom acts the same way…)

But she was not my only observation of people that day…

I also discovered there really are creepy old men in the world…

Michelle and I went to the mall, since she wanted new jeans.  She is fun to shop with, as we go in and out of stores in seconds unless she finds something, then after a quick try on, we are gone.

Well she found some stuff she might like, so while she was in the fitting room, I was on the chair reading the Kindle wait to see how she looked (By the way she ROCKED the jeans, the training for the half marathon shows!)

Well while I am sitting there, this older sits next to me asking it this is the “Seat of shame?”  I gave him the classic, “OK I know you are trying to be funny look” and said “Must be.”

We talked a bit about football, when a mom and daughter came back to try stuff on.  It was a busy day, so they said they would share a room.  He chimed in. “Can I share it too??”  I looked at him thinking “Wow, sharing a dressing room with your wife would be fun, but the teenage daughter too?  EW!!!”

To find out later, he did not even know those two!  His wife was in a different room!  Dude, do that to the wrong persons family, and you would get the look of death!


I am just glad, Michelle didn’t come out for me to see how good the jeans fit when he was there!  I sure I would have had to punch him!

But with the annoying and creepy, I observed genius as well!

It is Cub Scout popcorn sale season.  Which means scouts are outside every grocery store! Now I HATE popcorn, and I get tired of all scouts (Boy, Cub, Girl, and Campfire) outside of the doors.  I try to use the door there are NOT at.  I have nothing against scouting and fund-raising, I just get tired of saying no each time, especially to the cute sweet kids.

This dad though, has it all together!  On top of the table with the selection was a donation jar!  OH HELL YEAH!  I don’t want popcorn, nor to shell out $5 each time I am at the store.  But if I have loose change or a buck in the pocket, I am happy to donate to a decent cause! Not sure why others haven’t done this! (I had a buck and tossed it in!)

So there you have it, you never know just what you will see on simple errand day unless you keep an eye out around you!

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3 thoughts on “AN observation day…

  1. Regarding the mother in the Starbucks…I firmly believe that it should be illegal for some people to become parents (case in point — said mother in Starbucks).

    Regarding your description of Michelle trying on the jeans…I firmly believe you have an obligation to teach husbands how to treat their wives.


    1. You are great for my hubby ego. :). And Michelle agrees with both you comments! Sadly most guys aren’t trainable, From what I’ve seen with their girlfriends though, the two boys have learned well 🙂

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