Racking up the Miles: September 2014

Wow, I woke up this morning and it hit me:  Today was the first day of October.  I don’t know if’n it global warming, a disturbance in the force, or a malfunctioning flux- capacitor, but this year is FLYING by.  Part of it I know is because I am busy at work, as well as at home, but still, October?  Already?

This was a memorable month for cycling.  Memorable, because for the first time since, well, since the year I bought the first Specialized Tri Cross, 2007, that I did NOT ride one single weekend day…

To hell you say!!!  You not ride?  NEVER!  I can hear people asking, what were you doing son? Sitting on your rear?



Well. the answer would be no…

The month started with Michelle and I getting the heck outta dodge and going to Dave Matthews and Walla Walla





We badly needed a weekend away. It was relaxing, sleeping in, good wine and no stress (well almost no stress, someday I do a post on one event that weekend)  No time for riding, but no regrets!  It’s already time for another weekend away.

Another weekend was taken up by life duties.  A new refrigerator was delivered, the 80 year mom in law needed to be taken (and gladly so) t0 look at new places to live.  The place she is in now is going down hill, and we have found a MUCH better place.  It works better to have us both in tow when we take her places, I manhandle the walker and Michelle helps her with questions.  Tag team effort.

That same weekend I had a pile of wood to stack to get ready for the change in seasons “Winter is Coming!”



This was all taken care of in one whirlwind of a busy weekend, PLUS Michelle got in her training walks for the half marathon!

Her Birthday weekend came along, and we flat had WAY too much fun with everyone all weekend!









Hell I didn’t even WANT to ride that weekend…

Then last weekend was all about the mini library.










We’ve had quite a few people stop by and borrow books.  It has made Michelle very happy.

Now add in time spent with the Manchild, and you will see why no weekend rides this month.

Now, I WAS able to sneak in a few longer rides after work, which is always fun.  It helped make up for those days I was in Spokane teaching.  I will tell you that if I measured September by miles alone (183 miles this month) it would be dismal.  That is one of the worst month totals since I started keeping track.

But looking at the month as a whole, the memories made, Michelle’s smiles, things accomplished, fun times with the Manchild and life in general:  It was one helluva month!

Let’s see what October brings!

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