Today I was the support crew

Anyone who has been here from the beginning knows that I do big rides every year.  These are always century rides or more and I end up training for them all year.  Michelle is my support crew.  She makes sure I have healthy snacks, helps make sure I train, travels with me to the far away rides and does the drop off and/or pick up at the beginning/end as needed.

My rides are MUCH easier and more successful with her help.  Today, I got to return the favor for once (I still owe her lots!)…

This weekend was about Michelle’s big challenge for the year! I’ve done many a post about my friends from college, but Michelle’s best friend from back in her college days is Kim (I stole this picture from Kim’s page, I am sure I will hear about it!  Michelle in on the left and Kim the right)

OSU two

These two have been together through thick and thin ever since.  Good times and bad, weddings and heartbreak, richer or poorer, they take care of each other. And as big a fan of the WSU Cougars that I am, they are just as die-hard Oregon State Beav fans.


Well earlier this year, Kim told Michelle it she needed to get back in shape.  Michelle stepped up to the challenge and said let’s do the Portland Half Marathon, 13.1 miles!



These two have been training for it all year, and this weekend it was time! Saturday morning we headed down to Portland.

Saturday was a busy and eventful day in its own right, but I will save those stories for later.  But we did meet up with Kim, her husband Mark, and their best buddy Rob in town.  5 AM Sunday morning, the alarm went off and I was headed for Starbucks!

At 6:20 all 5 of us were ready to head for the stating gate. Especially our two intrepid heroines.


I will tell you, the smartest thing we did was book rooms in a hotel 3 blocks from the finish line.  Downtown was a zoo with people stopping cars in the middle of the road and runners bailing out to get to the starting line.  We had half an hour to spare when we got there, so it a time to chat and for Rob to give his excellent coaching advice.

(Of course this is the same Rob who came up with the idea of pouring water over himself and sprinting the last 1/4 mile of the course in an effort to meet “Hot runner chicks”)

We left the ladies so we could get to a good vantage point for the start.  Clearly they weren’t too devastated by the menfolk leaving them to their own devices.

10636737_10202812382486241_2169078468045495669_oThere were 10000 runners out there today, doing either the half or full marathon.  It’s really the first time ever I’ve watched and not participated in an event.  It was cool to see everyone go by, but Rob and I agreed, it was weird NOT to be in it.

I tried to catch them at the start but it wasn’t a great shot.


After this, for reasons I will explain later I went back to bed!  The ladies had a goal to walk/run the 13.1 miles in under 4 hours.  I knew they would get done sooner, but I sure as heck had an hour’s nap time to spare!

After the hour, I was back on the course near the end, tracking them with the iPhones (Wow this woulda been MUCH harder in the old days) Sure enough, soon I saw a familiar pair coming down the course,


imageIt was almost 80 degrees by this time, they were sweating up a storm, but at 12.5 miles check out the smiles on these gorgeous red heads.

They kicked it the last bit of the course and finished at 3:17:29.  DAMN good!  And to me they looked as good at the end as they did before the run.


This is where I earned my support crew badge though!  Mark and Rob took care of Kim and I took Michelle back to the hotel.  On the way we stopped for a jug of chocolate milk.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s an excellent recovery drink after a hard work out.  Protein, fluids, sugar, and chocolate.

Then it was in the bath for a soak and a two-hour nap! (as a good supporter I joined her with the nap!)

When we got up, it was time to eat NOW! So down to the hotel restaurant for gnocchi and crab cakes.  The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out in the room and relaxing.  That is until hunger hit again, Room service to the rescue!  Veggie mushroom burger, no bun, and fries.  I was the beck and call boy and happy to do so!

Now as I am writing this, she is out like a light snoozing away.

Folks I am damn proud of this lady.  She set a goal, helped her friend meet the goal and showed people that all it takes to be healthy is to get off the couch and work at it.  I have a very inspirational wife and I am damn lucky she likes me! Love you babe great job!!

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  1. Hey, I’m so proud of Michelle for helping me and being my BFF–and thank you, Tony, for supporting her! I’m looking forward to the next one!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Tony, for the awesome post and the excellent support! I so appreciate my BFF challenging me to do something I thought I’d never do in my lifetime…let alone sign up for another!

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