Finally got the butt in the saddle!

Well folks, anyone reading this blog lately might wonder why I consider it a cycling blog.  Due to work, family, friends, chores and life in general, I have NOT been able to ride on a weekend day for the last month of weekends.  Today, though, that changed…

I had hoped to get up early enough to get a 40 mile ride in, and still get home in time to get the errands done before the Seahawk game.  It was a great thought, but didn’t happen.  One of the downfalls (well maybe not such a downfall) of the fall, is that it cools off so much overnight.  This makes weekend mornings PERFECT for extra snug time.  Today, that ended up cutting 10 miles off the morning ride.

I had time for a 30 though!

My normal 30 mile route is NOT one of my favorites though.  I take the Interurban trail south to Seattle, hook up with the Burke Gilman, and ride home.  The Interurban is winding, unconnected, mishmash of trail, pedestrian over passes and roads that stretches about 50 miles from Pacific to Everett.

If you do not know where it is, it is easy to lose.  I dislike it enough that I have not ridden it for over a year.

Today though, it was on tap!  The morning started foggy and cool, but after FREAKY weather at dinner yesterday (Huge thunderstorm here and water spouts south of us) it was  a welcome change.

I will tell you the legs were READY.  I cruised up the hills early on to connect to the trail and made my way south.  The initial stages hadn’t changed.  Graffiti, a cemetery, some guy smoking while riding, and pretty boring.

About this time, as I was complaining internally, I heard my dad in my head say, “Boy!  You’d complain if you were hung with a NEW rope!” Meaning, here I have a trail that keeps me away from cars for the most part, and its something cyclists in other cities would LOVE to have, and you are complaining.

So instead, I started looking for positives, and it turns out there have been improvements!

In one section, they have given us protected bike lanes.


This is MUCH nicer than getting honked at! These are going in all over Seattle, which is a great thing for both cyclists AND drivers!

They have also improved the traffic controls.  In the past, I was forced to get off the bike and hit the cross walk signal if no cars were waiting with me.  Now, for the most part, they have installed bike sensors at each of the lights.



In fact, we even have our own stop lights in a few places.



With these improvements, and a lack of traffic on a Sunday morning, I made good time and got into Fremont.  One of my favorite places in this quirky part of the city is the Troll, A very big statue under the Aurora bridge.  Today I figured out how to make it part of my route.



What I like about this is that you can climb to the top of the troll if you want to, as demonstrated by The Manchild a couple of years ago.


I also love the fact that it incorporates a full-sized old-school VW Bug.



Its been there for years, but I never get tired of checking it out.

The ride home was uneventful, but felt good.  In the end, I get 30 miles in, and walked in to Michelle making me a scrambled egg wrap and tea!

After looking in the mirror this morning, I can see how the last few weeks (months) of not working out enough and eating WAY too much has made the belly bigger, and I am in danger of losing a belt notch (meaning waist is getting bigger.)  I am hoping that is this the first of MANY weekend rides, and we get this body AND the blog, back in shape!

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