A bit of a tangent…

Anyone who spends anytime at all exploring 15,000 miles knows I love to spend time on two wheels.  In fact, my ride home from work today was windy, chilly, threatening rain and I loved it!  I also love hiking in the Cascades (Hence the name Mountainstroh).  I also enjoy good wine, good beer and cheeseburgers.

However, with all of this, there is one thing I do more than anything else (and no it’s not blog posts) its reading.  I always have one or two books (if not more) going at a time on the Kindle.

I’ve posted some cycling book reviews, but this time, I want to talk about a different genre all together…

I read many different types of books: Westerns, Adventure (Dirk Pitt type) Real Life Adventures (Cycling, climbing, running rivers, Arctic exploration), Fantasy, and Alternate History to name a few.  My go to books, though are science fiction.

There are too many different types of Sci Fi to go into, but tonight I want to talk about just one, Time Travel.  I just finished Rewinder by Brett Battles.  It was one of the best time travel books I have read in years.  I am not going to review the book itself, but, instead, talk about why I love time travel books. (I will post a review on Amazon for him though, he did great!)

First off, I know, right now we can’t travel back in time (we are all traveling forward in time together though).  I say right now, because who knows what we can do in the future.  Wasn’t that long ago people thought it was impossible to break the sound barrier or go to the moon…

But a good time travel story is just plain fun.  It can stretch your brain and make you think.  Plus, since we can’t do it, the author is free to make up whatever he or she wants to do.

Many have the rule that meeting yourself in the past is bad! Two of the same thing can’t occupy the same space at the same time.  In fact, if you do, either a huge explosion kills you or those around you, OR its big enough to destroy the planet.  OK, pretty simple, do NOT meet yourself.

In others though, it’s perfectly ok.  In fact, there can be as many of Me and I want all whistling off tune, sipping wine and yelling “Go Cougs!”  What would my coworkers say if this happened.  This type of story can lead us to the Back to the Future type stories, where you can go forward or back to help keep yourself from making that ONE mistake that changed your life.  But will you believe yourself….

Some say you CAN’t go to the future, others no problem.

Then there is one of the cardinal rules in most books: NEVER do anything to change the past!  Something as small as preventing a lady from getting splashed by a mud puddle could result in her NOT going home to change her clothes.  Which means she wouldn’t accidentally meet Mr Right, and 3 generations later, Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein is never born and we are still using candles or never made it into space.

Worse, as in this book, everyone you know is wiped out, and the world is completely different. (but is it necessarily worse?)

Then you can just get all theoretical.  If you go back and do something to prevent your grandpa from every meeting your grandma. That would of course mean you would never be born,  But if you are never born, you can’t go back and prevent them from meeting, which means you are born, and will go back to prevent it…….

It’s enough to make your brain hurt.

I grew up seeing the movie and reading the book of both HG Wells the Time Machine, and Twains Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court.  I watch an old series in the 70s called the Time Machine, and then as an adult, Quantum Leap.  If they ever have a new time travel series, I will probably watch that as well!

I like to daydream about going back in time and investing in Apple, or Starbucks at the very beginning.  Seeing the pony express riders ride, the gun fight at the OK corral, The Titanic before she pulled out on the only voyage, and Hannibal taking elephants over the alps.

Shoot, if you go back far enough, I could see if there really was a crucifixion and then coming back to life in 3 days.   Or even farther to see dinosaurs or that point with life first started in the puddle of ooze on primitive earth.

If I could go forward it would be FAR in the future.  I don’t want to know when I or anyone I know bites it, but I’d love to see if we ever make it to the stars.

There could be, right now, travelers from the future trying to figure out how the hell we survived this weird point in time.  I really kind of hope so, cuz it means we DO survive…

So tell me, if you could go back or forward in time, would you, and what would you want to see?

7 thoughts on “A bit of a tangent…

  1. If I could back in time, I sure as heck would. I’d be interested in seeing what it was like to explore the wild, wild west.

    I’m not much of a sci-fi fan, so it’s unlikely that I’d read “Rewinder.” However, I *am* in the middle of reading “Going Nowhere,” which you recommended a little while back, and I’m absolutely loving the book. So, perhaps I should set my genre bias aside, as I’m assuming that all of your recommendations are worthy of a read. 🙂

    1. Michelle and my firends will tell you that NOT all my recommendations are alike! (They are NOT Zombie book fans….) but I will say, knowing you, and the fact there is a bit of a love story as well, you MIGHT like it and its cheap 🙂

      Glad you are liking it! I got an email from the author that he is going to be doing a book signing down the hill from me at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. I am going to try and get there! I love it when people like my books!

      1. Alright, you’ve convinced me…I’ll add this title to my to-read list. You’re quite the salesperson. 🙂

        A book signing? YES, definitely go!

  2. I’d definitely prefer to travel back in time. There are so many eras from history I’d love to visit – medieval, Tudor, Victorian, and that’s just the history of this country. I also wouldn’t want to know what’s going to happen in the future. It would spoil the surprise.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed my unsteady travel forward into the future so I think I’m quite content with that. Love reading though, all sorts from the History of the Boer War, essays on Dear Scotland, science fiction, historical novels, bikes etc, etc so maybe I do travel through time, distance & space in my imagination already.

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