Today the jerks were out in force!

Anyone who read yesterdays post knows my Saturday was shot.  Working the winery is a blast, but it does tend to kill the day.  That meant everything that needed to get done this weekend, got done Sunday…

As y’all know we are in the middle of October.  Which, in Seattle generally lends itself to rain.  However, today started bright and sunny and was supposed to reach 70.  Summer aint over yet! (Well as I am writing this maybe not, but the weather dudes say that when it posts in the morning, the monsoons will be here….)

It is, of course, also football season.  Which meant our Seahawks were playing.  When its a west coast game, it’s a 1:30 start this means we have plenty of time to get stuff done.  Today, though, it was a 10:00 AM kickoff!  Damn, gotta hit the floor running.

We made a run first to Home Depot.  We needed a few things to hang the registration sign on our mini library.

with sign




But here it is, October, still 2 weeks from Halloween, and they have Christmas out in force!



It is WAY too early to be seeing this!

I was intrigued by the R2D2 in the Santa hat though…  Yep the geek inside me ALMOST over came the “IT’s Too EARLY” inside me!

imageNext was Safeway.  We needed groceries for the week.  We were in and out in under 20 minutes.  Mainly because Michelle jumped in to bag groceries as our courtesy clerk was slow!

Next was gas!  Somehow, I ended up with a 50 cent Safeway discount!  This, coupled with gas dropping a LOT in the last week meant I saw this at the gas pump! (In case its blurry, that’s 2.55/gallon!  I gassed up for under $30!



We got home just after kickoff, and I settled down to write the Wine volunteer blog and watch the game…  We stunk!  Now Yes I am a true fan, and I have watched my share of losses over the years, but today I didn’t have it in me.  I had stuff to do outside, AND I wanted a bike ride.  It was hard but OFF went the TV!

First, mowing the grass!  Damned if the rain and sun hasn’t combined to bringing the lawn back to life!  I am really hoping this is the last mowing of the year, but one never knows!  You can tell its been wet and dark a bit lately though, by what I found growing in the yard


Lawn mowed check!

Next, I had to rearrange the shed to make room for our new umbrella and chairs to be stored.  I wanted to do this when they were dry, so today was the day.  Got that done!  Check!

Then it was time to kill the garden.  Michelle took care of the front tomato plants and I toasted the hanging one in the back.  Between these, and the mowing, the yard waste bin is full!  Check!

OK chores done!

Then Michelle whipped up pesto and pasta for lunch!  YUM!!! I was starving and needed that!

OK, by this time the Seahawks had lost (though they came close) and everything that had to be done was accounted for!

Time for the ride!  I decided just to do a quick 30 from the Starbucks at Lake Forrest Park to Merrymoor park.  This would be a trail ride the whole way.  One thing I like about flat trails is that you have to pedal the whole way.  There is no down hill to coast and rest on.  You pick a speed and pedal to stay there!

And this is where the jerks were!  OK, picture this, normally its raining hard this time of year, and in fact the last few days have been wet and cold.  Today, in all honestly, is one of the last (and feasibly THE last) summerish day.  The Seahawks have already played and its Sunday afternoon.  What does this mean?

Yep, the Burke Gilman, a multi use trail, was mobbed.  Runners, walkers, kids, strollers, dogs, speed skaters (I was doing 20 at the time and he passed me) 3 horses (I’ve never seen more than one), cyclists and even these two.


Everyone that could be was on the trail. And that meant the jerks, who were out in force.  Sadly, the jerks I am speaking of were my fellow cyclists.  More than once, due to people on both sides, I slowed behind walkers to wait to pass. EACH time, someone would squeeze through, NEVER slowing, and snarl “On your left!”

Really?  The fact I am waiting means nothing?

I saw them skim by little kids and little old ladies.  They flat did not care.  Quite a few times I apologized for them as I did pass.  This just isn’t needed.

Then there were two older people on bikes who jackhammered their brakes for no apparent reason.  The 12 year old behind them was following too close and going too fast so he had to swerve and damn near took out his dad who was passing them all. The ladies never acknowledged anything happened, nor did the guy and his son.  I just safely passed shaking my head…

Then later, a 30 something decided to start to turn left right into my path, to go to a picnic table.  Lucky I was watching her and had slowed down! I came to a stop in time and shouted “What the hell???” At least she looked embarrassed! No apology though!  Jerk.  Or would that be Jerkette?

Aside from having to watch out for all of these, PLUS little girls in tutus on tiny bikes (I swear they were EVERYWHERE today) I had a great ride.  It felt good to stretch the legs.

I am an avid fan, but there are just sometimes you have to let the game go.  There is a real world out there that needs stuff done, and you don’t always have a spare 3 hours to sit on your rear!




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  1. Do they post speed limit signs? In thinking they need to, because I see way too many wahoo’s speeding thru MUT’s, and when it’s busy like this, fast cyclists are just tempting a serious accident to happen.

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