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The Cold is mightier than the wine!

You know, I really didn’t think it was possible.  We western Washington folks have become known for our enjoyment of good coffee, good beer and excellent wine.  On days when the snow has flown, and Seattle has in essence shut … Continue reading

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The 6 grandson Thanksgiving

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone, Black Friday as well.  It seems strange to say, but in all honesty it is true, my time at work today was the least busy and active that I was for the last 48 … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

OK I know its true.  I’ve seen the calendar, I’ve heard people talking about black Friday the day after tomorrow and my email is sure as hell Blowed Up something fierce with adds.  Yes I know for a fact that … Continue reading

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Finally back on the bike!

I’m spoiled.  Yep I admit it.  I have wife that loves me and that I love.  More importantly. We like each other. We have a good time together, we take care of each other and we make each other laugh. … Continue reading

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The Apple Cup and Snow always means magic

You know, I can’t help but get a bit nostalgic when the Saturday before Thanksgiving hits.  From the year I started in WSU, 1982, until very recently, this was the day of the Apple Cup.  That legendary game between the … Continue reading

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“So this is Christmas” Jim Devitt

(This is a reprint of a blog post from last year, but with holiday shopping going on, and Thanksgiving a week away, it is NOW ok to start getting a new Christmas book for the family!) I’ve mentioned in the … Continue reading

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Sometimes I guess it really aint rock science

Hi all, first off nope, the title is not a typo!  When I did a week-long glacier mountaineering class in Alaska, and we were discussing how to choose a route to the summit, one of the Andy’s (both guides were named … Continue reading

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A Stroh looks at 50..

Folks, when this publishes, I will have just 1 day left in my 40s.  Yep, your buddy Tony, one of our favorite cyclists, mountain climber, attempted blogger,  and over all goofball, will hit half a century….

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It’ll wash right off!

If anyone would’ve asked me prior to today, I would have answered without a doubt that I had done a post about this story. However, two things this week made me check.  The first was one of my students asking why … Continue reading

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I got an email today at work, about a co-worker who is going to retire this week.  Her boss is putting together a memory book of stories people want to share about her.  This person was the first one at … Continue reading

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