Promises are important!

Well, sadly, my week back at home and not training has come to an end.  By the time this publishes (assuming the creek don’t rise or fog doesn’t delay me) I will hopefully be getting ready to board my plane for Spokane.

However, Michelle and I DID squeeze in a lot for this weekend!

On Friday, she told me in no uncertain terms that I “WOULD be getting a long bike ride in this weekend.”  She knows I get mad at myself for the lack of workouts and the need to eat out when I am away, so she wanted me to get a good one this weekend.

She and I had also planned a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island as a day trip away.  She let me pick which day was which.  We looked at the weather, and Saturday was scheduled for bright, sunny and pretty damn warm for November.  Sunday, on the other hand, was rain for most of the day and cold.  So the decision for the ride was easy.  I did what any Northwest cyclist would do.  I would ride Sunday!

Now there are two reasons for this.  One, if you ride in Seattle in the Fall/Winter/Spring, you just deal with rain.  It’s not the most fun thing, but with the right gear, it’s less annoying than too hot.

The second reason: On a clear day, your get views like this from the Ferry.





We drove into Seattle after treating ourselves to sleeping in.  We parked downtown, and then walked down to the Ferry Terminal.  Now normally, I love walking along the Seattle Waterfront, but right now they have it ripped to shreds repairing and replacing our seawall.  It was loud, smelly and full of detours!

We like doing the walk on routine though, as you never have to worry about missing the boat due to too many people.  Cars on the other hand, sometimes have to wait for 3 boats on busy weekends.  We also like the exercise, and not having to find a parking spot in Winslow on the other side.

But we got on a boat before noon, and got to kick back and enjoy the views going across in the sun.



When we got there, it was a little after noon.  We were both HUNGRY! So me made a straight shot to one of our favorite places, Cafe Nola. We lucked out and got the last table, everyone behind us had to wait for one to clear.  (Good clean living I tell ya!)

Now normally I have a burger, or breakfast sandwich.  This time I went big, and got a Dungeness Crab Melt on Foccacia bread and truffle fries.  DAMN that was good.  Michelle got lobster deviled eggs and a tortilla crab salad.  Ok we splurged a bit….  We followed it up with a walk around town, including her favorite yarn store the Churchmouse. 

Afterwards, the clouds moved in, and it chilled off some (even though I was in shorts and sandals, I was glad for the windbreaker.  And we headed back for the ride home.  We ran into the same annoying mom and her kids.

Mom:  Timmy, do you want to come back over here with me so you get don’t separated.

Timmy: Nope I don’t want to

Mom: Will you come over here anyway?

Timmy: Fine.  and he drags his feet over.

In my family, “Manchild, Mathmajor, need you here now.”  And they did.  If they didn’t, there was a loud snap of a the fingers, the death glare, and they moved quickly.  I get annoyed easily with negotiating parents.

While we were waiting, I got to see the ferry-boat grave yard.  This is the legendary place old ferries go to die.


The trip back was fun, maritime traffic was picking up




and the clouds were very cool!



We got home, had pasta and wine and just relaxed.

And as predicted, Sunday dawned wet.  I still slept in a bit, so at 8 when I was ready to leave, I told Michelle I’d do a quick 30, given the late start.  “Go ahead and do your 40 as planned, you know you want to and you need a long ride.”  So I did!

It was all I thought it would be.  I had the rain shell, wet weather gloves, helmet cover and waterproof shoe covers all on.  I stuck with shorts to keep from overheating.  It rained pretty steady for the first 10 miles, then stopped for the second.  POURED for the 3rd (I got drenched) and then the sun came out for the 4th 10.  I have not ridden this far in months, and Michelle was right I DID need it! With wind, rain and weather, I was still home 3:20:00.  Not bad for being out of shape.  I might be a bit slow and sore tomorrow.

I came home to left over pasta (YUM and WARM!) plus a hot cup of tea!  After a hot shower and a meal I was raring to go!  We got the groceries done, and came back for the Seahawk game.  I watched most of the first half, and then it was time to fulfill my yearly promise,

Now, folks a bit of background. Christmas, in the past, was not my favorite time of year.  When I was with the ex, we would butt heads every year.  You see, when I was a kid, Christmas was waking up, opening stockings and presents, spending the day playing with the stuff you got (and keeping your little brothers and sister from breaking your new stuff) and not going anywhere, you spent it with the immediate family

Her family, would travel for hours to someone’s house, and sit for hours and talk….  ALL DAY LONG….  I tried to compromise and have her and the kids go and I hang at home (and play with my presents) but no dice.  The one time the family tried it my way, EVERYONE but me (and the kids) hated it.  It got worse as time went on…  I started dreading the holidays and flat refused to decorate the outside of the house.  (I did help with the tree though)

Fast forward to a few years ago when I moved in.  Michelle doesn’t make me do the all day visit (We ARE going to my mom’s for Thanksgiving though, BIG YUM! VERY much looking forward to that) The one thing she does like, though, is to have lights on the house and shed to turn on the evening of Thanksgiving.  In the past, she would put them up herself, but with her “charms” her ladder days are over.

She told me a story of being with someone before me, who bought lights, and said here, go put them up…  She did it, but again she should NOT have been on a ladder in the cold.  This made me mad!  I promised her right then I would always have the lights ready to go!

This is not a light promise (no pun intended) for me.  I have many good husband skills, but lights are NOT one of them! (Clark W. Griswold I am NOT)  Each year I struggle to make them look decent, and each year she claps her hands and thanks me!

Today was harder than normal!

During the second half of the game, I attacked the lights.  I was almost done when I did almost done check, to find that the longest strand had half the lights out and I had no idea why.  I had to take them back down, and use the shorter ones I had to make up for it.  And you guessed it, I didn’t have enough to finish! DAMN!!

Off to Home Depot, 3 more boxes of lights JUST in case, and back to work! This whole time it has been raining almost non stop (though the Seahawks were winning! (I got updates throughout the afternoon. ))

Finally all were done, and DAMN! One small strand was out!!!  (it was an older one!) I went to take them down and they lit up again! OK executive decision time!  I left them there, and I can switch them out quickly the weekend before if need be!  Shed was easy and done in 10 minutes!

So once again, my promise has been kept!  Michelle asks for very little, and she is like a little girl when the timer kicks on the likes the first time.  I am glad I can do these little things to make her happy!

So all in all, a busy weekend!  Tomorrow, off to Spokane!

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