Finally back on the bike!

I’m spoiled.  Yep I admit it.  I have wife that loves me and that I love.  More importantly. We like each other. We have a good time together, we take care of each other and we make each other laugh.  The worst part about having to be gone the last two weeks in Spokane is that we haven’t been able to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.  In short it sucks!

So to remedy that, we spent most of every minute with each other this last weekend.  It was a great weekend of just hanging out.  We both needed it!

The other thing I needed was the wind in my face, that happened today…

I have given a lot of thought about how to get in my cycling time when stuck in Spokane this time of year.  So far, I have struck out.  The office is only 3 miles from the hotel.  I travel to and from there in the dark, and the roads are icy on a daily basis.  In short, very much less than optimal biking conditions, even for a winter rider like myself.

So today, when I was back in the home office, training remotely, the bike was waiting for me for the ride home.  It was a good feeling throughout the day knowing that I’d be riding soon.  In fact, I used my super secret trainer authority to end class early.  (OK, one of the trainees had to leave early for her kids, parent/teacher conference, so there was no sense in covering anything new with the other one…)

One of the good things about being stuck in Spokane is that I got acclimated to the weather!  There was only one day it got above freezing during the day, with the rest being in the 20s and even the teens.  This meant that the low 40s here at home was down right balmy! I was walking in shirt sleeves while other’s were bundled up!

3:00 and I was downstairs changing.  So, it has been a couple of weeks since I have packed for commute home.  I started pulling out what I needed.  Warm jersey, rain shell, clipless shoes, shoe covers, stocking cap, gloves, wool cycling socks….  DAMN!

Then it hit me, my last ride was in the rain.  Even with the shoe covers, the socks got soaked.  Someone forgot to stash the extra pair in the bag.  I’d love to blame the cats for this, but nope it was me!

Well, work socks it was, otherwise I was loaded for bear.

LORD I needed that ride!  The legs were fresh, the wind was from the south and my nose was pointing north, and the rain was holding off!

Ever had to be away from your favorite activity for too long?  Knitting, running, scrapbooking, swimming, writing, hiking, blogging, or cycling for example?  When you have, the first time back will  tell you if it is your thing.

The minute I clipped in and went up the hill from the parking lot I was convinced all over again.  That panniers were full and heavy, but I flew up the first hill.  It was chilly, but I was still in shorts and pushed it hard the whole way home.

Within the first three miles I was smiling big, it just felt good to be traveling under my own power again.  The kids on the UW campus seemed to have forgotten their manners some (if they ever had any) so the first part of the trail was a bit annoying, but after I got past that ugly purple place, the path opened up!

There were  only a handful of scattered walkers, a few joggers and maybe a half-dozen cyclists, I essentially  had the path to myself.  The wind gave me that extra push all riders love.  It was the perfect ride! Or maybe it had just been so long any ride would have felt good.  The rain held off, I had the correct layers and I got home just after dark.

I thought when I got home, “Hey, this was my first ride since turning 50!”  I couldn’t have asked for a better one this time of year.  Yep, out hero will be riding long and hard in the coming years!  Like the wind!

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8 thoughts on “Finally back on the bike!

  1. Yes, I know *exactly* what it’s like to be away from a favorite activity for too long. (I haven’t seen my beloved bicycle in more than three months!) What a great way to sum it up…you’ll know if it’s your thing the first time back. 🙂

      1. You haven’t been good this year? Wowsers, I can’t imagine what a year must look like when you think you’ve been good! 🙂

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