Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

OK I know its true.  I’ve seen the calendar, I’ve heard people talking about black Friday the day after tomorrow and my email is sure as hell Blowed Up something fierce with adds.  Yes I know for a fact that tomorrow (the day this posts) is Thanksgiving, but it just doesn’t feel like it should be….

Many of you know me as cold and callous Valente.  I am a legend far and wide for this.  Given this, I am not known for my holiday spirit.  In fact, one of my favorite Thanksgivings involved a hike up Mt Si, then making home-made pizza and watching football on my own.  It was a blast.

And this year it should feel like the holidays.  I have the lights up and ready to turn on tomorrow night.  Most of my shopping is done for Christmas, and the office was deserted early today.

But it just doesn’t it for some reason.  Maybe it’s because I have been stuck in Spokane for most of November, and it just feels like I am disconnected from the world.  Or maybe because unlike most years, work has NOT slowed down an iota for this week, nor will it for the month of December.

It could also be that I was grouchy all day having to deal with a dead car battery last night (good thing there is AAA) and a bike flat that canceled my cycle commute today.   (tube replaced now!)

It could also be I am bummed that have to head BACK to Spokane one more time Monday morning.  Being there and bikeless and eating out so much is making me feel distinctly fat and flabby.  Not a GOOD thing the day before the biggest eat holiday of the year….

Now I know tomorrow will be a great day.  Michelle has informed me I WILL go for a ride in the morning, while she has breakfast with her brother.  We will then go to mom’s house and I will have turkey, stuffing, canned cranberry sauce (the best!) and her frosted molasses cookies, plus Michelle’s fresh greenbean casserole!  (OH YUM!) Just the smells alone will make me happy.

But tonight, while typing this, tomorrow feels like a work day and that I will be at the office all day.  I know tomorrow when I don’t commute, I don’t see my desk and smell the great food this will all change.  But right now, just not feeling it.

Hope turkey day (for those in the US that read this) is fun for y’all!

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

  1. Sorry to hear that you aren’t “feeling it” right now. I sure do hope you enjoy the holiday tomorrow! Cheers, from one Turkey to another. 😉

  2. Sorry to hear that you aren’t “feeling it” right now. I sure do hope that you enjoy the holiday tomorrow!

    Cheers, from one Turkey to another.

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