The 6 grandson Thanksgiving

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone, Black Friday as well.  It seems strange to say, but in all honesty it is true, my time at work today was the least busy and active that I was for the last 48 hours….

If you read the last post, you will remember that I just wasn’t feeling Thanksgivingish on Thursday.  After pondering this for the last few days, I think it comes down to the fact this year just FLEW by.  It just doesn’t feel like it should be Thanksgiving already, yet it is….

I will say even though it doesn’t feel like it should be the holiday season already, I did have a great Turkey day!

Michelle had planned a breakfast at Denny’s with her brother yesterday morning.  It’s a tradition they’ve had for years, but one that has fallen by the wayside in recent years.  (We all know how yummy Denny’s is for breakfast (well at least think so )) So I was tempted when I was invited to come along, but Michelle encouraged me to skip it and go for a long ride.  It did not take much to talk me into it.

I will say it was an interesting cycling day.  It was in the 50s, which is great for this time of year, and I was only sprinkled on a bit by the clouds, but LORD there was a serious wind.  It was very gusty and unpredictable.  It seemed like it would push me along for a while, then, when I was lulled into complacency, hit me with a broadside from left.  There was once or twice I was blown sideways a bit,

Then, out of nowhere, it would be a vicious headwind, once making me pedal to keep moving when going down hill.  That wind was having a LOT of fun with me.  Afterwards, I’d have to say it had TOO much fun, as those 40 miles exhausted me!  My 40 mile training route has a lot of hills and is challenging on purpose, but I’ve never been this tired afterwards.  I could seriously have used a nap!  The good news was that I had burned off some of the calories I would eat later…

While I was out, Michelle came home and whipped up a green bean casserole to take with us.  I, on the other hand, had just enough time for a shower before it was time to take off!  It’s a good thing we make a good team! (We brought good wine as well!) The trip down was good, except for the lady that tried to merge into us on the way down!  I saw her coming over, and hit the horn, and she yelled at me from her car!

Editors note:  As a guy who teaches people how to investigate auto accidents, determine who is at fault, and put a monetary value on injuries, I love it when people who are clearly in the wrong blame me!

When we got to mom’s the household was in full gear.  Mom was running around the kitchen, my brother David George was carving a ham, my Step-dad was roasting the turkey in the roaster on the back deck, Nephew Jace was helping my mom…  I knew I had one job to do, ok two.  First grab a frosted molasses cookie (home-made, and YUM) and second get the hell out-of-the-way!  I grabbed 2 to be sure!

It was a full house, Michelle and I, my parents, Aunt Linda, David George, his wife Cydnee and their two boys, my brother Dougie, his wife Stacy and their two boys.

Editors note:  My poor mom.  She is the ultimate gramma, always has been.  But she always wanted at least one baby grand-daughter, she ended up with 6 grandsons…

The table was full of everything you could ask for, and I did: for seconds and a couple of thirds!  We were still munching and talking, when the door opened and something occurred that has not happened ever.  Yep, Mathmajor and Manchild showed up to visit after eating with their mom.

The fact that our boys showed up was not the event in itself.  The event was ALL 6 grandsons were in my mom’s house at the same time!  Yep ranging from 21 – 7 years old, here they were under the same roof!  “I want a picture!”, came the call from my mom.  And no one tells a gramma no on Thanksgiving.

Minutes later, the 6 Grandson Thanksgiving was commemorated!

10015160_10204478407374114_6731149953926620479_nOur two are on the left, David Georges in the back, and Douggie’s the little guys are in front of them, and they all smiled!  Nothing coulda made my mom happier!

Editors note:  Gotta say, the funniest part for me came from Manchild.  His dinner with his mom was with his maternal grandparents.  He came up to me 10 minutes after he got to us and said “Damn this house is SO much more fun than my place!”  “Don’t tell that to your mom that when you go home!!”

I was full as can be and had a helluva time staying awake for the Seahawks when I got home!

Today, was back to work, and at the Mighty P, the day after Thanksgiving is slow and quiet.  My plan to was prep for my last week in Spokane, order a computer for the Manchild (his died last week) then ride the bike home early.  That was the plan.

Today, it rained even too much for me to ride! The walk to Starbucks was more of a swim.



Water was coming OUT of the man-hole covers!




Add to it, the temps dropped into the 30s, and the 20 mph winds changed and came out of the north!  I would be riding into a steady, cold and VERY wet weather system.  For once, discretion was the better part of valor.  I decided to drive home with Michelle instead.  Low and behold, it turned into a rain snow mix!  Damn glad I skipped that!

The evening ended with Manchild and I hitting Bestbuy and getting the computer I found for him.  We were smart though.  We gortexed up, and parked a quarter mille away.  A short wet walk later, we passed all the cars stuck in traffic, and avoided the nuts in the parking lot circling for a spot.  We were in and out of the store in 15 minutes!  And that is one happy boy right now!

Tomorrow, I work the winery….  Glutton for punishment Valente they call me!  But it means free (GOOD) wine which will be great for the Applecup on TV tomorrow night!

Hope y’all had a great day as well!

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  1. How great to have all the grandkids together! Loved your description of riding through the crazy Seattle weather–especially the part about having to cycle downhill. Ha–I know exactly what you mean! Oh, how I miss biking in Seattle!

    Enjoy the winery! 🙂

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