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Just gotta be tougher than the ride

Had myself a bit of a giggle this evening when I was out and about with the Manchild for dinner. Tonight, for something different, we went to Rock Woodfired Pizza.  I like the place because it has great pizza, music … Continue reading

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Going back to the basics

Folks, I have to admit it to myself and others, I’ve been whining and making excuses for the jeans being too tight and not getting miles under on my legs.  In my defense, a month in Spokane and having to … Continue reading

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A smokey little Christmas!

Well here it is, the day AFTER Christmas, and its time to slow things down a bit.  Its been a BUSY week!

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Cool stuff I want to do!

Today was a an extremely rare day.  Michelle had errands to run with her brother.  He is hosting Christmas morning at his house and needed the stuff that Michelle is going to make for breakfast,  Yep, we will be at … Continue reading

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First aid kit for pets

Originally posted on sage country animal advice:
Most of us don’t think about a first aid kit for our pets….until you need it.    A lot of the items may be things you have scattered around the house, which may…

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OK, tell me when you get tired of me blogging about the kids!

It is amazing how one year can suddenly be different from almost every year prior.  Here we are, the week before christmas week, kids are getting ready to go on Christmas Break from school, and for the last five years … Continue reading

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I had to give it all I had to keep up with her!

There was a time, way back in the way back days (ok maybe 10 years ago or so, I was a runner.  I did 5, 10, and 12Ks on a regular basis, and once (ONLY once) I ran a half … Continue reading

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The girl who saved Christmas!

Ladies and gents you have heard me say many things about my wife Michelle.  She is a great wife, the perfect mum for the boys, a loving daughter and sister (though lord knows these two can be challenging) the best … Continue reading

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One of those rare December days..

Any one who has ever spent time in Seattle, especially as Fall slides into Winter (Winter is Coming!) would be willing to bet that on any given day, it would be raining.   Yesterday they would have been correct!

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There is Evil afoot!

It happens every year, about this same time. The evilness invades the office…. It starts sneaking up around Halloween, when there are bowls full of candy all over just prior to the big night, and then overflowing the day after.  … Continue reading

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