Racking up the miles: November 2014

When my buddy Dave and I were in college, we coined a phrase.  Well, to be honest, we coined many terms and phrases. This led to the us developing the infamous Strohs to English Dictionary, which we may discuss someday.

However, the phrase I am thinking of for this post was: “Never let going to class interfere with going to college!” There are so many fun things that occur daily at WSU, that classes could get in the way of enjoying them.

Nowadays, I wish I could rewrite that to say, “Never let going to work interfere with riding your bike!”  Why?  Because once again the miles this month were limited….

During most of November I was working in Spokane, molding the Mighty P’s youth in my image.  Yep, I was training two people who were promoted from Customer Service to claims.  This sent me to the arctic tundra that is Eastern Washington for most of the month.  The weather over here is NOT conducive to two wheels, way to much ice!

I have lamented about this enough over the month, so I won’t whine again.  However, thanks in big part to Michelle, I did get more miles in November than October.  Ok only about 13 more, but more is more!  I ended up with 146 miles total.

The majority of these miles came in two 40+ mile rides on the weekends.  The first was through driving rain and cold.  The second, had me fighting hellacious winds that kicked my ass.  But the important part is I did them, and better yet, I enjoyed both.  This time of year, my maximum training distance is 40, so it was nice to get two of these under my belt.

I can tell though that the combination of 2 months of low miles and lots of eating out has taken its toll though.  The Levi 501s are getting tight around the belly, and last week, a co worker said “WOW, you are heavier than I’ve ever seen you before!”  (Nope I didn’t punch him, mainly cuz he is correct!)

However, things are looking up!  Thursday is my last day in Spokane!  This means I will be back in Seattle, and back to my normal eating!  Starting a week from today, I will be back on my cycling home schedule, which will supplement my weekend rides!  I will need to get new batteries for the lights on the bike, as it will be getting dark even sooner, but I can handle that easily. (plus the days start getting longer soon!) This will require gortex and fleece, but hell, we Northwest cyclists are tough!

Given this, I have high hopes of a decent miles month in December, which will give me a good boost going into January and the new year.  Add to that I participate in Dry January, I won’t have to deal with wine calories (though it is yummy!) and the liver gets a break.

So I just want to say. Thank you Michelle!!  I appreciate you being willing to give up some of our limited time together this month to get me out and about.  You are a great coach and support crew, and I’d be in trouble with out you! (Not to mention a fantastic wife!)

Here’s hoping we will see a lot of this guy on the road VERY soon!  Like the wind folks!


3 thoughts on “Racking up the miles: November 2014

  1. Yeah for more cycle time!

    Looking forward to reading more about your Strohs to English dictionary — sounds like a very interesting topic! 🙂

    1. Well we must remember it was developed by two 20 something guys, while drinking Strohs and had nothing but girls on their mind….

      Funny part is I stumbled over it about 5 years ago stuffed in a photo album all neatly typed up from my little blue typewriter I got through school on

      1. You **typed** this dictionary?!?! Oh, yes — definitely worthy of a blog post! I hope you’ll include some photos of this dictionary! 🙂

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