Best Books for Kids EVER, written by Renee Hazen

Folks there are two things about me when it comes to Christmas shopping.  One, I hate shopping in stores, so I use the online option.  Amazon has become my friend!  Second, being the reader that I am, I like to share books whenever possible, especially with kids.

I am VERY lucky that a great friend of mine, Renee, has written some of the best kidlet books I’ve ever seen.  I wanted to share these with you today as we all start shopping!



What I like about her books is that she has written them to match the age and level of her own son.  She is both the author and illustrator of the books and in each you can feel the love she has for her son, as well as her art.  Any of these would be a great gift.

Mr. Bunnyman:  Her first book, and written after her little was born.  It’s the perfect book for an expectant family, showing how a little’s favorite stuffed animal will always be there to love, protect, and be with the little as he or she comes into and experiences the new world.

It also would make a GREAT baby shower book for you guys who get sucked into them at work as I have in the past.

Journey Through Dreamland: Ever wonder what happens in the heads of your children when they sleep?  Read this book, and you will never wonder again, but you might be very envious of the adventures you child has.  This is a perfect book to start reading with your toddler.  The pictures are big and bright, and as works to be formed, he or she will have a blast each and every time pointing to things and identifying them.

26 Wishes:   My personal favorite.  Every child I have ever met loves Alphabet books.  Littles just like to learn all the time.  What I like about this one, is each of the letters reflects a dream Renee has for her son in the future.  Being cold and callous I could never express my hopes for my boys.  Renee has done an amazing job of doing what I could never do!

Train Track Dubey: Do you know a kid who has something new happening?  New school, day care, new town?  Starting Kindergarten soon? This is a story of a lost kitten who discovers that you can find friends anywhere. More importantly, that even those that you think are strange and have nothing in common with, like a sloth. could become a great friend if you look for that common ground.  This is her newest book and I loved it!

Ruby Grace the Snow Angel: This one is special in many ways.  Children will love this book, as the others, but it also touches those who have experienced a loss of a little.  While looking on Amazon to add a link to the book, I found this review that sums it up better than I ever could.

My three year old daughter loved the angelBy Michaela Block on November 20, 2014

Ruby Grace is a whimsical story. However, it is powerful too. My three year old daughter loved the angel, or fairy princess, as she called her. It is a book for adult and child alike. I was touched by the deeper meaning of the story. A lot of us have had angels in our lives that are not with us long enough, but shape us and leave a lasting impression. I absolutely loved the illustrations. I believe this book would be a perfect gift for children of all ages.

Any of these would be great stocking stuffers for kids themselves!  Or get them all and wrap them up for  expected or new parents!  I am lucky to feel the love Renee feels for her son in person, but you can do the same with these books!

Happy shopping!


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