One of those rare December days..

Any one who has ever spent time in Seattle, especially as Fall slides into Winter (Winter is Coming!) would be willing to bet that on any given day, it would be raining.



Yesterday they would have been correct!

Yesterday started out raining, but not to overly bad.  There was no hesitation about bringing the bike to work though, it was the start of getting my lazy butt back in shape!  The rain stopped  and during the lunch time walk it was dry, and warm! (OK it was 50, but for here that’s balmy for this time of year.)

As I worked through the afternoon, I kept an eye outside.  I saw clouds coming in, but it looked like I might get lucky.  I started to have some hope that the weather gods were going to give me a break!  Michelle asked me if I wanted to send anything home with her when she left, but I was worried the gods were just lulling me into over confidence.

Sure as hell, I was right,  When I walked her to her car the rain had started.  Damn!

Did I mention it was warm outside?  I decided to take off with the rain shell, water proof gloves and foot covers, but stick with shorts.  Bad idea….

Yep, within the first mile I found out it had cooled off and the rain was DAMN cold on the bare legs!  A quick stop at a bus stop shelter, and I had full shields with the addition of the rain pants.  MUCH better!

Folks, let me tell you, the rain gods had a great time with me.  This was not a drizzle, a sprinkle or shower.  We are taking full on downpour!  For the hour and 15 minutes I was on the road there was not one lull in the storm.  Once you get started though, you have no choice but to keep going!

I powered through the rain and wind and weather, and you know something, it was fun!  Remember what it was like to splash puddles as a kid? (or if you are my lovely wife she still loves the splash game)  Well, once you resign yourself to getting wet, riding in the rain can be the same,   Splashing through puddles, laughing at those who aren’t having as much fun as you are in the weather, and having very few people on the trail just put me in a good mood.  Wet as it was, it was a good ride home!

The only down side was anytime I had to stop for more than a minute for a light, my damn glasses fogged up!! its hard to ride blind…

At home I do have to say that shucking the wet clothes is never fun!  I had the coat and pants hanging in the laundry room dripping all over the floor!




The rest of the gear was in the mop sink!  The trouble was, I had to get it packed and ready to go again for the next day.  I decided 10 minutes in the dryer was a better bet AND left fewer puddles on Michelle’s newly cleaned floor!

Meanwhile the bike got a chamois wipe down!  OK ready for the next day!

Today dawned (who am I kidding, dawn isn’t until 7:30 or so….) still drizzling,  Well, no guts no glory, the bike was on the back of the car and ready to go again.

Funny thing happened though…

Scientifically, today was a lull between weather events.  We have some major disturbances coming off the Pacific Ocean, one right after another, this week.  This happens a lot this time of year.  In between these storms, it can be dry and even sunny.  You might say the calm before the storm.  Sometimes this happens over night and we all miss it, or, like today, it happened all day!

Yep it was blue sky and sunny!

Personally though, I like to think that I pleased the weather gods yesterday!  They through some bad stuff at me, and I smiled all the way home!  My reward?  An almost shirtsleeve ride today!  Yep, I had a thicker jersey and a light vest on and it was perfect.  One of those rare days that keeps us year round riders on the road no matter what the calendar says.

The trail was still relatively empty, I had a tail wind, and no worries at all!  Plus, I left the extra clothes in my work locker, so the panniers weighed a lot less.  It was one of those rides where the trail, tailwind, bike and pedaling all combined to make me feel like I was almost flying instead of riding.  AND, I could smile without getting bugs in my teeth, a benefit of December vs July riding!

I made it home, Michelle had dinner ready and a Powerade in the fridge, a great ending for the day.

Tomorrow is dinner with the Manchild and his gramma, so no riding, Thursday now, could be dicey…  They are calling for a potential heavy wind and rain storm, possible a major one (can you say flooding, trees down and power outages?).  I will have to watch the weather carefully to decide what my plan is, sometimes its best not to get too cocky and challenge the weather gods, the trick is knowing when its ok and when it’s not.

I’ll let you know what happens!

Without a doubt, today was one to remember!

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  1. Nice! You can’t say the weather is ever dull in the Pacific Northwest! (BTW, great choice in rain jackets. I have the same one, and I love it!)

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