The girl who saved Christmas!

Ladies and gents you have heard me say many things about my wife Michelle.  She is a great wife, the perfect mum for the boys, a loving daughter and sister (though lord knows these two can be challenging) the best friend and, bar none, the owner of the biggest heart I’ve ever met. She is simply a giver, and does everything in her power to make others happy.image


So last week when her best friend called and said “Michelle I need your help!” she was on it!

Michelle and Kim go way back to the Oregon State University days.

Michelle, Kim

No matter how many men have come and gone for these two, they have remained strong and there for each other,  Both know they can count on the other no matter what, yet both do there damnedest NOT to impose on the other.

Michelle, Kim, Marathon

However, Wednesday this last week, Kim called and needed help!  She works for a company that does a lot of printing, and this is their crunch time.  The printers are glowing red-hot, and cranking out the stuff.  Suddenly, there was a problem.  They were running out of ink…

I do not get all the details here.  All I know is 1) They were low on ink.  2) if they ran out it would be extremely bad for the company! 3) # 2 was NOT an option!

Kim did some searching and found some ink they could borrow.  Problem.  It was 3:30 in the afternoon, and the ink was just south of Seattle.  The soonest they could get it to her, no matter what they tried, was too late the next day.

Kim had a plan.  She and her hubby would drive north from the office (which is damn near on the Oregon-California border.  If Michelle could pick it up and drive south, they’d meet in Portland!

For those of you who are reading this, I hope you have at least one those friends.  I have a few, as does Michelle.  There was NO way she couldn’t do this.  My problem was I couldn’t.  I had missed way too many weeks with the Manchild, and he had just finished his first ever finals week.  I promised him I’d be there that night AND we were eating with Gramma.

Michelle told me not to worry about it, she was on it!  And I gotta admit, it was cool to see. She had that fire in her eye only someone going on an adventure with a best friend could have, she was fired up!

Traffic sucked, and the weather was worse!  She was fortified with an egg nog latte and iced tea from Starbucks, and kept her nose pointed south.  The 3 hour trip took closer to 5, but she got there and handed off the goods to Kim!  (Who had to turn around and head back home again to trop the ink!)

Michelle went in search of a Target for some necessities.  Remember, she left from work.  No clothes, no tooth-brush, no jams, all she had was the shirt on her back.  So she grabbed what she needed, including microwave mac and cheese, and got the hotel.

Only to find out there was no microwave!!!  Nor room service, the poor girl went to bed hungry.  Then she found out there was no free breakfast,  (We will NEVER stay there in the future!)

However, after she got the morning Starbucks and food, she told me Kim had told her that doing what she did to help out single-handedly save Christmas for all the employees at the company!  Yes, my wife is the Girl who saved Christmas!

However, this is no surprise.  She has done the same for me since we got married.  I used to DREAD the holidays.  The ex and I would get in huge fights this time of year!  When I was a kid, we got to wake up at home. open our gifts, stay in our jams all day while we played with the toys, then ate and played some more. This is what I wanted for the boys.

Her family demanded hours long driving to relatives houses (multiple times during the holidays) then LONG boring visits with bored and cranky kids and even crankier me!

Michelle, having known me back then and hearing my complaints knew all of this.  Since we have been together, she has done everything she can to make Christmas fun for again.  She bakes me the cookies of her’s I love the best, decorates the house (except for the outside lights, that’s my job!), and makes it magical again.

This year she had a tiny tree delivered and it is perfect!  Makes the house just seem even that more Christmasy!

The actual day, we go and make her mom and brother breakfast, open presents, and then head home (20 minute drive max) 2 hours later.  The rest of the day is ours to sit and relax and just be with each other.  The kids are with their mom on the actual day, so we do their excitement the weekend after.  It’s perfect for us.

Michelle, you have singlehandedly made my least wonderful time of the year something to look forward to again, and to enjoy!  Thank you babe I love you!



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