OK, tell me when you get tired of me blogging about the kids!

It is amazing how one year can suddenly be different from almost every year prior.  Here we are, the week before christmas week, kids are getting ready to go on Christmas Break from school, and for the last five years at this time, I was mad as hell.


Why you ask? Well I’ll tell you….

This is the end of the first quarter for kids going to school in our neck of the woods.  Meaning that next week report cards are coming out.  Since the first year of Middle School with the Manchild, I would be in the 3rd month of a constant battle.  Yelling, screaming, threatening and considering the implementation of ritual beatings, all in the effort to get the kid to just do his homework and pass his classes.

It was hell on him, hell on Michelle and murder on me.  Pure and simply it was NOT fun….

Spring forward to this year, his finals for his first quarter at Highline College (He is doing Running Start) are done, he got 135 out of 150 (90%) on the one he was worried about the most, and he is now trying to figure out whether he has B’s or A’s in his classes.  There is even an outside chance of ALL A’s!  What? Who is this kid??

He then tells me tonight that his English teacher informed him that he is a very gifted student and would go very far.  The kid was flat dancing in his chair while telling me this!! He tried to tell her he wasn’t gifted, and she stopped him and said “YES, you are!”    He was also smiling huge when he told me that she thought he was 20 (he is 16).

All quarter he has done what was needed to be done, studied his ass off, and proved that he belonged there.  I have always told him that he was as smart or smarter than his big brother, but I think he just needed to find this out on his own.  I am VERY proud of him, he did this all on his own, and it has worked wonders for his self-esteem, confidence and overall demeanor.

He was honestly dancing like a madman as he kicked my butt in billiards tonight, and he and I had the IHOP waitress laughing so hard I thought she was going to cry.  It was truly one of the best kid nights ever, mad even more so that it happened at this time of year, and I could enjoy his company instead of considering stringing him up by his thumbs!

Now add to it, the Mathmajor called as well.  He starts out telling me he called to brag a little, and there was no one left at school to talk to so he called me (we are such a loving family!  (But it made me laugh as planned)) He asked “Did I tell you about the Organic Chemistry test I bombed at the beginning of the year?”  ”

Editors note:  For this kid, bombed means he got 75%.  He forgot to turn over the last page and missed a whole section”

“Well”, he continued, “I scored 102% (no typo here) on the next one, 100% on the third and Aced all the labs, so I pulled an A over all!  In fact, I got ALL A’s this quarter!”

Editors note 2:  This kid took organic Chem, Genetics, and some ungodly math class this this quarter Plus working a part time job AND working as a research assistant ALL at the same time.  In all honesty, I am not sure he has ever gotten a grade lower than an A in college

You could tell he was excited beyond belief, and continued to explain things about his lab work I couldn’t possible understand for the next 20 minutes.  BUT, it was just incredibly amazing to have him want to tell me.  I will never know where he got his smarts, but this kid is smarter than I will ever be!  Tomorrow, he gets to clone his first cell.  Now I have no idea how that works, but when I was a kid, cloning was pure science fiction.  My kid is doing it tomorrow!!  Wow.

Then, even more good news, his professor has offered him a PAID research position this summer.  The kid was on cloud nine.  There aren’t that many paid spots for undergrads.  And to have the professor seek him out and offer it shows how well he was doing.

Folks, gotta tell ya, between these two, the cold and callous dad’s heart grew three sizes last night.  I’ve always known these two could do anything, like all kids, they have been complete goof balls in the past127



But I have no doubts that these two guys will go on to do so much more than I ever could  have.  Love these guys, go like the wind!  Nothing can stop you!

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