Cool stuff I want to do!

Today was a an extremely rare day.  Michelle had errands to run with her brother.  He is hosting Christmas morning at his house and needed the stuff that Michelle is going to make for breakfast,  Yep, we will be at his house, but if we want a yummy breakfast, it better be Michelle cooking.

Afterwards she went to mom’s to help with the wrapping of presents.  Then she got to have some fun, and spend the afternoon with one of her best friends having a snack, drinking good wine and just chatting.

I had the house to myself and nowhere I needed to go….

I spent the morning getting presents wrapped while watching John Wayne’s: “The Quiet Man.” Not necessarily a Christmas movie, but fun none the less.  I then spent the rest of the day watching it rain and reading and just sitting. Gotta say, it was nice!

It did give me time to think though.  And I have decided there is stuff that I just want to do next year.  Some things will be Michelle and I, while others are just me, but these are just things either I’ve always wanted to do, or that sound fun.

We already have days booked on the calendar next year. Michelle and Kim have a half marathon in Santa Rosa in August, and will do the Portland again in October.  Michelle and I are also going to Vancouver BC in September to attend the Foo Fighters concert!  The last one on her bucket list of bands to see!

I have signed up once again for the Reach the Beach Ride in May.



I will be riding from Portland to this rock on the Oregon Coast, then spending time in Lincoln City afterwards.  I am very much looking forward to the ocean again.

I also have 2 other centuries planned, but I want one more.  I just need to find the right one.

But the stuff I also want to do, for the most part, does not have to do with long rides.

1) Finally, I am going to sign up and attend some bike maintenance courses.  I know a little bit, but the more I can learn, the more I can do myself, and then I don’t have to pay others to do so.  There is a course in January for keeping the chain and cassette in shape during winter rides.  That may be my first, then I want to learn how to do my own tune ups and fix spokes,  Luckily Cascade Bike club has all this!

2) Michelle and I are finally going to go snow shoeing!  We’ve come close a time or two, but other stuff has gotten in the way,  I will get us up to Rainier when the snow is deep enough, and the weather nice enough so we can use the shoes that are gathering dust!

3) All my life I have wanted to learn how to tie real knots.  Once, I even bought a book of knots, no idea where it went.  Well here I am, 50, and it is time to learn.  I am going to buy a book, and some paracord, and with the help of You-Tube when needed, I will master real knots!

This probably stems from the fact I didn’t learn to tie my own shoes till the 3rd grade (I wasn’t a smart child) so I have always felt inadequate in the rope skills department.

4) Stand up paddle boarding.  I know I am going to get wet, and I am pretty sure I will not be great at it, but it just looks like fun!

Burke Gilman, Paddle boardThough chances are I’d be better off like this guy


5) Sea Kayaking.  I am going to finally get Michelle and I out on a tandem sea kayak, probably out of Port Townsend.  Its one of those northwest things I’ve wanted to do for years.  There are guided trips out of PT and its one of our favorite places to stay.

6) More time in the mountains.  Lord, I had only one hike this year.  It was a great one, but it was only one!  Michelle and I also only got one trip up there as well.



I am going to get us up to Rainier again and get me on a few hikes as well.  Maybe I will take a few half days this summer and get my ass some altitude!

Mt Pilchuck, trail, mountains


I am sure there is other stuff that will come up, but these are the things that hit me today.

I loved my day sitting on my butt, but I am happiest when doing something.  I think if I can pull this list off, it will be a great 2015 AND there will be plenty of material for the blog!


9 thoughts on “Cool stuff I want to do!

  1. What a super-duper fun list of things to do in the new year!

    My favorite website for learning knots is It’s so good in fact, that you may not even need a book!

    It sounds as though you already have your bicycle maintenance classes picked out, but I wanted to make you aware, if you weren’t already, about the classes offered at Wright Brothers Cycle Works, in Fremont. I took both the bike maintenance and bearing maintenance classes a few years ago, and I have nothing but positive things to say for the classes. The classes were very hands-on (you work on your own bike) and gave me loads of confidence in becoming comfortable fixing my bike.

    The other great thing about Wright Brothers is that by paying a one-time $30 fee, you can join the shop’s co-op. Membership in the co-op gives you a $10 discount on each class. More importantly, membership gives you the opportunity to use the bike stands at the back of the shop as well as any of the tools. I think this is fab, because you don’t need to build up a collection of bike tools, especially those that you use so rarely. The other great thing about the co-op is that there are usually a few folks in there working on their bikes at any one time. So, if you have a question about how to fix something, there’s usually a willing teacher around.

    The last thing about Wright Brothers…the owner, Charles, is a complete hoot!

    I’m very much looking forward to reading about all of your cool stuff in the new year!

  2. Learning bike maintenance is on my list for 2015 too.

    Stand-up paddleboarding is SUPER fun. You’ll love it! I actually teach SUP lessons…it’s not as hard as you think!

  3. What a wonderful list, Tony! You’ll love Stand-up paddleboarding, I even managed to take photos without falling my first time out. 🙂 We had a great time with Kingston Adventures and even saw a pod of Orca whales during our walk-on ride on the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry. 🙂

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