A smokey little Christmas!

Well here it is, the day AFTER Christmas, and its time to slow things down a bit.  Its been a BUSY week!


Michelle and I had a busy yet fun Christmas week this year.  It is not completely over, as the Manchild is coming up tonight.  But the hectic part is over!

It started Sunday with out whirlwind run up to Bellingham to see the Mathmajor.  With his job and lab research going on in Western Washington University, he was only going to be down to his mom’s on Christmas Day, then going back.  We would have missed seeing him.  We asked if he would like a visit and he jumped at it!  “It will be fun to hang with you two!” he said.  (Good answer dude)

We went up to take him to breakfast, which was damn good, and I almost stole the coffee cup.

imageI think they owe me some royalties for using the name!

It was fun back at his apartment.  He got to be the center of attention opening gifts.  He was like a little kid, and at least for a little while, the college senior stress. was put aside.

Tuesday night, I had dinner with the Manchild at Grammas, and I relearned that day that no good deed goes unpunished!  The students in my class had been experiencing commutes from hell getting to my office.  So this week I moved class closer to them.  Trouble was, it moved me farther from the kid.  But, thought I, it was Christmas week, how bad could it be..

Half an hour before the end of class, it started to gully wash rain.  It was coming down in buckets, and in doing so screwed traffic something fierce!


It took over an hour to get down to where MY office was, 15 miles away, then another hour to do the 26 to the kid!  But, since I left early, I was only 10 minutes late.  The food was great as always, and the Manchild and I had fun playing pool afterwards.

Christmas Eve, my office closes early, its one of the few old traditions left.  I gave the guys in class an assignment to do at home, and I worked with Michelle at the regular office.  We had already planned to walk down town for lunch, and watch the crazy people shop, and I was not going to miss that.

I made one last run to REI for a final present, but I didn’t have wrapping paper.  They don’t call me MacGyver Valente for nuthin though!  I wrapped it in printer paper, then drafted my bosses 9-year-old (no day care on Christmas Eve) to make it look Christmassy.  She did great!


We had a great lunch, some wine, and then headed for home.  Surprisingly the stores weren’t that busy, must be people shop on line.


We opened our stockings that night (I scored big on mine and she said her’s was the best ever) and we crashed early.

Good thing we did, cuz Michelle was up at 5 and bouncy!  “Its Christmas!!!” And we opened presents in bed.  I got a new coat and a new WSU cycling jersey!  It is finally time to retire the sun faded, sweat encrusted Ole Reliable! (See The Coug Jersey)


I was then off to Starbucks for the morning beverage.  I have to share this dog I found  waiting outside.


We were then off to the Mom and Brother in law for breakfast. First and foremost was the opening of the gifts (With the traditional lament from the Bro in Law, “It’s too soon to open presents!!”(though he always joins in with gusto!)


He loved his new coat


and Mom just had a blast in general.  The big paper bag is her stocking!


From there it was time for breakfast, I was cooking the sausage while Michelle was working on the eggs and pancakes.  A few minutes later, Bro in law yells, “WHAT are you burning??”  Yep I succeeded in filling the living room with smoke!  Oh well, one smoke event on Christmas isn’t too bad!  (yeah keep reading!)

Breakfast was a hit, and mom was a good eater! (which was needed for her).  We dropped her off at home and had the rest of the day to ourselves.

We put in Christmas movies (Scrooged!,  A Christmas Story, Grinch…) and Michele broke in her new fondue pot (YUM!)

Then it was time for potatoes augratin, and crab cakes.  We like to cook on parchment paper, so the pans are easier to clean.  Somehow, though, this time the paper touched the heating element in the toaster oven and we had


I jumped up from chair and blew out the flames (Wind Bag Valente they call me!).  There was no damage, but of course, soon after, the smoke alarm went off!! Oh well, maybe 2 smoke events is ok….

We ended the evening stuffed, sipping wine, and just enjoying each others company, with a quiet evening.

It was a great Christmas!  Thanks Michelle for making it special!

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