Going back to the basics

Folks, I have to admit it to myself and others, I’ve been whining and making excuses for the jeans being too tight and not getting miles under on my legs.  In my defense, a month in Spokane and having to eat out was NOT helpful.  But since being back, I have still not ponied up.

It hit me this weekend as I whined about it getting icy and me not being able to ride.  Yep, I’d gotten spoiled and soft being able to ride home from work all these months…

So I can hear you thinking, how does commuting home 17 miles a day, through wind, rain and weather make one soft?  Well, I’ll tell ya…

Back in the days of the Holy P, when it was too far to ride, I kept up the weekly miles with a good movie and riding the rollers in the shed.


This is far from my favorite way to ride!  Its boring, no hills, no scenery, and no adventure.  In fact, many times I look like this


I have also suffered my worst falls, albeit very early on in my roller career, while riding on these things.

However, there are some other things it doesn’t have.  No ice, no wind, no cars and no rain.

So, over the weekend It hit me, I’ve just sorta blocked out the shed and trainer.  Honestly I haven’t given it much even a fleeting thought.

With ast night’s  temp dipping into the 20s. and me going south to the Manchild tonight, there was no chance to ride to and from work.  My hard ass coach (who is also my loving wife and #1 supporter (I’d be in trouble without her pushes)) got me going last night!

Yep, for the first time since January or February, I was out in the shed, pedaling my heart out.  In the DVD player was Serenity (from the Firefly series).  I have to admit it was hard, and I was dripping sweat, but it wasn’t terrible.  I went for 45 minutes and cranked out 10 miles.  On nights I can’t ride, or maybe even some when I am riding home from Lynnwood 5 miles away, this will be added to the repertoire once again.

However, that is not all.

Not only have I made excuses for the bike, but I have been avoiding the stairs as well. (for the record there are no stairs to do in Spokane).  It has been almost 2 months since I have done my reps.

Sunday, I broke this bad habit.  On the way home from dropping off the Manchild (after the Seahawks clinched the division!) I cranked out 5 reps of the stairs.  Now I won’t say I always look like I am having fun climbing up and down the 297 steps.


But I do like it a helluva lot more than going to the gym.  Fresh air, views of the city, great tunes on the phone and very few people around.  I only did 5 reps, but it is a start.  I will be stopping tonight as well.

I saw a post on Facebook recently that said:  It’s all fun and games until the jeans don’t fit.  Well not only are they tight, but I am in danger of having to stop using a belt notch.  I haven’t had to expand that belt in recent memory.  Nor to I plan to!

So this is the beginning of getting Mountainstroh back, coupled with Dry January and eating better in general, we will get this flabby ass back in shape!

Like the Wind!!

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