Just gotta be tougher than the ride

Had myself a bit of a giggle this evening when I was out and about with the Manchild for dinner. Tonight, for something different, we went to Rock Woodfired Pizza.  I like the place because it has great pizza, music videos from the 80s (Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll baby!) and really good service.

Manchild likes it for the music and the food, and because normally we get really cute servers who are close to his age.  Sadly, for him, today’s server was Michael.

That is not what made me giggle though.  (Ok maybe a little bit when I noticed Manchild’s face when our server introduced himself.) It was the conversation I had with server as he took our order.

First off, let me say, his service was perfect.  He was fast, funny, refilled the drinks, flipped both Eric and I just the right amount of crap, and we had each other smiling and happy throughout dinner.  Just the way I like it. Snooty servers, boring servers and rude servers just aren’t fun.  He got a great tip!

But I digress.

I was wearing my Chilly Hilly 2008 T-shirt tonight.  It’s the perfect long sleeve warm shirt to do stairs in when it is butt cold outside. For those who don’t know, this is the most aptly named ride I’ve ever seen.  The ride is held on the last Sunday of February, hence the name Chilly (If not Stinking cold!) and the island the ride is on is one big set of rolling hills.  Chilly Hilly it is called and chilly and hilly it is!

Well when he looked at the shirt, he got thoughtful for a second and said, “OH! I know about that ride!  It’s sometime in the winter right?”

To which I nodded and told him when it was.

Then this early 20 something said, “Yeah!  That’s right!  I was going to ride it, but then I thought about how cold it would be.  I mean, it could be as cold as 40 degrees out there!  Going up hill would be kind of OK, you are going slow and generating heat.  But imagine going 40 mph downhill with that cold wind!

“No way I’d want to do that!”

And that’s when, down deep, I just giggled.  40 degrees and dry is a welcome change to the CH, and I have done 40 mph on days like that.  I’ve also ridden it in mid 30’s with snow.  I’ve crept down hills to avoid wiping out on patches of ice, and been drenched from the second I left the ferry until I got back on to go home 33 miles later.  It is all about the layers!

I giggled because I am over twice that kid’s age, and every day I swear there is a new snap crackle or burp coming from some part of this body of mine.  But next week registration for the 2015 Chilly Hilly opens and I will be signing up first thing!  “Just gotta be tougher than the ride son!” was what I wanted to say.

Instead I said, “We’ll take a Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy Pizza please.”  And damn it was good.  Plus I sat up just a bit prouder of myself after our talk.  At least today, I am tougher than a 20 something!


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