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Racking up the Miles: January 2015

Wow, it is hard to believe that we are essentially at the end of January already!!!  Seems like not that long ago there was wrapping paper, stockings, and Christmas music everywhere!  Now here it is, the end of the month, … Continue reading

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I am tuckered!

Once again, a week makes a major difference in the life of our hero.  Last weekend was wet and miserable.  A major windstorm blew through and knocked over our little free library, and it was just flat wet and cold! … Continue reading

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We’ll call it 95%

Its amazing the difference a week will make!  Last week, the miracle in Seattle had yet to happen, and we were looking forward to a big game (we had no idea HOW big) the next day.  Last week, he term … Continue reading

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Kinda surprised myself some today

Anyone who read the last post knows that I was not a healthy camper this weekend.  Yep I got a flu shot, as usual, but its all over the news that this years vaccine missed the mark big time with … Continue reading

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This REALLY coulda been a crappy Weekend

Folks as I sit here at home in my ugly gray sweats, running a fever, coughing and hacking I think back on the weekend and know this had the potential to be the worst weekend is a long time…

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Mushy Muscles

I have recently come to the conclusion that I have been pretty darn lazy lately. Not in the riding or exercise department (shoot today I planked using a Bosoo ball for 50 seconds, plus the walk and the ride home).  … Continue reading

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I’m Heading for the Beach!

One of my favorite things to do each year are organized Century rides.  I like the just show up with full water bottles, and someone else is in charge of planning the route, making it easy to follow, providing food/liquid … Continue reading

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A straight line… Why?

Folks, I am finally feeling like I am getting back on track!  I have 3 rides already this month each over 30 miles (2 are 40 or more) I have been riding in the shed when I couldn’t ride outside … Continue reading

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In my house we call it “Poking the Bear”

There are those I know who will adamantly dispute this, but alas it really is true.  I have mellowed with age. There was a time in my not too distant past that I would purposely stir up trouble, especially in … Continue reading

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Answers to Life

Well, there is a fair to middling chance I will catch some guff for this one, but then when has that stopped me before.  Everyone has their beliefs good and bad.  I tend not to dwell on those things I … Continue reading

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