Racking Up the Miles: 2014 in review

Wow, it really is 2015!  I know its kind of a cliché, but damn, this was one helluva fast year.  Between being very busy at work, and all the stuff we had going on around here, it just seemed to fly by.

Then with my travels to Spokane for training, it seems like I Thanksgiving was just last week.  But here we are, New years day!

December was NOT a month to remember for cycling.  I did have some bike commutes, and on shed ride.  I was also able to get out for some rides early in the month.  All that being said, there was only 142 miles for the month.  January will be better!

However, one month, or even the last 3 do not make up the entire year of cycling.  I did the math and trust me I checked it twice.  The early part of the year (plus the century rides) did the trick for me.  I ended up with 3483 miles.  It was one of my best years!

But its is not all about the miles.  There were a lot of fun rides, and hard rides this year.

206 miles in 97 degree heat was nuts!  But it was my third and last Seattle to Portland.  Though I do have to admit it feels kinds strange not to be training for it!



There was also two other Centuries, the May Day classic (wettest century ever) and The Flying Wheels summer classic.  Both of these I will be doing again next year.

But the year is not just riding.  I also am an avid reader.  I am never without either the Kindle or the iPad with the kindle app.  This was only an average year for me.  I finished 43 books total.  (My count is based on the books I reach the last page on, regardless of when I started it). However, one of those that was finished ended a long three-year endeavor.  Yep earlier in the year, I finished the Bible.  That was NOT easy!

The most important parts of the year though, did NOT involve just me.  Our #plan C vacation to the Oregon Coast goes in the annals as one of the best vacations ever!


We walked on the beach, saw whales, ate great food, relaxed, watched waves and climbed rocks.  It has always been my favorite place to go, and continues to be so!

Our second trip to the coast was almost as fun.  I say almost because I was recovering from the ride through hell (ok to me 97 degrees is hell!)

Around the house was a blast as well!  We put in raised beds so we could make salads from the garden (Michelle’s idea! )


And my Step Dad Doug built the Little Free Library (which is going strong!)  This was also ALL Michelle’s doing!

LibraryMost importantly though, I still think the biggest athletic feat of the year was NOT mine.  It was her’s.  In October she and Kim rocked the Portland Half Marathon.

Michelle, Kim, Marathon

I was proud to be there at the finish line and will do the same for the those two have signed up for!

It really was a great year!  We had a lot to be grateful for, as you can see here!






Throughout the year we write down the little (or big) things we are grateful for and stuff them in the teapot.  Then New Years Eve, after our homemade mushroom risotto (OH YUM!!) we sip wine and take turns picking one at random and reading it aloud.  (Sadly my writing sucks, so a few times we struggled to figure out what it was, but we got them all!)

It was a great year, I am very lucky to have a very supportive, funny, gorgeous and adventurous wife.  We have a great time together, and I love you very much babe!!

Here’s to 2015!


13 thoughts on “Racking Up the Miles: 2014 in review

  1. I love that you keep a collection of things you’re grateful for throughout the year and then review them at year’s end. I might have to borrow that one!

    My oh my, you read The Bible? As in **The** **Bible**? I tried that once; I recall it being a lot of “so-and-so begat so-and-so, who begat so-and-so.” Wow, that’s quite an accomplishment — definitely right up there with Michelle’s half marathon!

    What a whirlwind of a year — looking forward to the next!

    1. It was NOT easy and the who.e begats and begots was hard! It was a little at a time! All I learned from it was concubines are ok, and women shouldn’t speak…. I think I missed the main message!

      We love our grateful,teapot and many have stolen it! Go for it!

      1. That’s why I am here! Make em chuckle Valente they call me! And for the record I would be bored as all get out if the ladies in my life weren’t vocal 🙂 including you!

  2. This is just wonderful — thank you for hitting the highlights and ending with the teapot — such a great idea of how to spend New Year’s Eve. Here’s to 2015 and maybe you might consider typing your notes to the teapot, so that you will be able to decipher them at the end of the year! And now it is time for you to start over and read through the Bible again; this time, look for the main message!

      1. Keeping typing notes until you have a whole page — then print the page and cut each message to be individual, to put into the teapot. If you want to send them to me to proofread first, I will do that (smile). If not spelled correctly, at least the typed notes will be somewhat more legible.

  3. I just love the idea of putting all the things you are grateful for into a tea pot for review on New Years Eve. This is such a great tradition. =)

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