So there I was on Friday afternoon, teaching my class, when I got an email from my boss lady.  To paraphrase it said:

“Hey, I know you are teaching class, but what are the chances of you getting me the follow up info you are collecting for the earlier project, in a format I can use to share with my boss?  Can i get it end by end of day Thursday?”

Damn!  The good news on this is that the guys I am teaching will be transitioning this week.  That means I will have some time to compile the information.  The bad news, I didn’t have the info I needed in the office I am teaching in. No way though am I going to tell her no, I like my boss…

Now you may be thinking, “Tony, Michelle works with you, couldn’t she just grab the stuff for you?”  Well she could, in theory, but this is what my desk looks like





I wouldn’t even know where to tell her to look.  This meant, over the weekend I needed to go to the office.  Something I hate.  (IN her defense my boss felt terrible I was going to do that, even though I know she has done so herself a lot when needed.)

However, being me, I had a plan.  I knew I needed to get a ride in today as Sunday was going to be raining. pretty hard.  I also had just replaced the battery in my Cateye speedometer, and (with the help of YouTube) figured out how to get the odometer back to where it was before I removed the old battery.  However, I needed to test the settings.

So to kill two birds with one stone (or three actually), why not ride the bike to work and back.  The 32 miles would be perfect!  Since it would take all of 5 minutes in the office (and I could snag some of the morning tea I like (we are out in the office I am working in)) it would keep me from wasting gas AND from being cranky!

First off though, was breakfast at Diamond Knot Brewery with Michelle, my two best friends from college, and their great wives!  We never do stuff like this, so I was kind of excited.  (Yes I know I am anti social and cold and callous, but we’ve known each other 30 years, and even though live within a 5 mile radius, maybe see each other twice a year.)

Breakfast was at 10 (I called it lunch, but Dave thought 9 was too early) and we ate, talked, laughed and were loud for an hour and a half.  Michelle and I walked to and from the restaurant, so by the time I was ready to go, it was after noon.  But that gave me plenty of time for the round trip, AND the ride would help me digest the Carnivore Omelet!

Before the ride, in my head, I remember saying, “Hey it will be warmer than yesterday!”  In actuality, even though there was no ice on the road, the dampness made it seem colder!  I took the hilly route into the office, grabbed the stuff and then took the normal route home.

Using the mile markers on the Burke Gilman trail, I was able to figure out I was DEAD on with the speedometer.  This is nice as the battery only has to be replaced once every 18 months or so, and I use that to keep track of my distance totals AND name this blog!  Next year I will hit 20,000 and that will necessitate a name change. In the past, there was cussing and a call to the 800 number before it was right.  Michelle was much happier this time.

All in all, even though cold, and going to the office on a Saturday it was a great day, thanks for visiting!


WAIT!!  I didn’t explain the title of this post!

Today I was reminded that part of the fun and joy of riding a bike is that even on a route you’ve ridden hundreds of times, something new can happen when you least expect it!  I’ve seen mudslides, trees down, ventriloquist dummies, and iguana’s on this trail, but today there was something new.

I was a little over half way home, and with a tailwind I was moving pretty darn quickly.  It was one of those rides when you almost feel like you are flying.  It was a spot on the trail where it is tree-lined on both sides.

Well, it was only me, and pretty quiet when suddenly I heard a CRACK!  I’ve been a hiker long enough to know the sound of a tree branch breaking!  I looked up fast to see if I could see anything (and be able to avoid hitting or being hit by it.)

I didn’t see a branch, but I did see this gray blur falling from the sky.  Before I could figure out was it was, a gray squirrel (who evidently broke a branch and fell out of a tree) landed not 3 feet from my bike!  I think we were both shocked!  I yelled and hit the brakes and he ran right back to a tree.  I swear if I was 2 seconds faster he woulda landed right on top of me! I am NOT sure I would’ve been able to stay on the bike if that happened.

Never a dull moment in the life of a cyclist I tell ya!  Have a great day everyone!

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