Looking for an excuse

Yep it was one of those mornings this morning. The plan was to get up, and saddle up for the short ride to the north office of the Mighty P.  The bike was ready, its only a 5 mile ride, mostly down hill going to work, and I was awake and out of bed on time.

But then the voice started talking to me…..

We all have that voice..

Wait I hope we have that voice.  The one that starts talking to you before the early morning workout?  The one that makes you forget the other voice that yells at you later in the day for not working out?  The one that tries to come up with good reasons NOT to work out early on, and keeps getting louder??  Does this ring a bell to anyone but me, or should I seek counseling?

Well my voice started when I first heard the radio say “It’s foggy outside drive carefully!”

“Fog”, the voice said, “Hmm maybe we should drive…” It was quiet to begin with…

I ignored it.

I drove down to Starbucks for Michelle’s ice tea and the voice started again, a bit louder this time, “Wow it is foggy out here, might be better not to ride, it will be harder to see you…”

Now this is a silly comment for my route.  One, in the fog, my uber bright blinkie red light is even easier to see, the fog enhances the blinkage.  Of the 5 miles to the office, less than a mile is on a road that isn’t residential, and that one is well-lit.  There is no one around I have to worry TO see me.

When the voice gets louder though, it’s harder to ignore.  I begin thinking:  I could ride in the shed later (even though I much prefer outside).  I would have more time to read before work starts if I drive. I would get home sooner tonight…

On the way back from Sbux it got louder still.  “It’s hard to see with the wet glasses you get when going through the fog!  You will be wet when you get there! The roads might be slippery! Bad idea!”

This voice sometimes wins.  Monday when it was pouring outside I didn’t ride.  And yes, the angry “Why didn’t you ride this morning voice” was VERY unhappy with me that night.  Today, the voice was gaining traction when I noticed the fog was already lifting.  By the time I got home from Sbux I saw  the moon.

“The ride is on!” I said (you know I am not sure if I said it aloud or in my head.  Hmmm, maybe I do need an intervention!)

When I was  ready to go and on the road, it was clear as a bell up here.  I got the Interurban trail, and headed north.

I am NOT a fan of the Interurban.  I know there are cyclists nationwide who would give their eye-teeth for a multiuse trail that runs 30 miles, and I use it regularly.  As a way to work, though, the trail it is NOT enjoyable.  On my route to work it runs through industrial areas, and some really smelly businesses.  I guess I am spoiled with the normal route to Seattle and back.


Plus in the dark it can be CREEPY!  Today was one of the creepy days.  As I was in an underpass I heard a very loud, echoie, combination screamy yell from somewhere.  All I could tell was it was a guy making the noise, but because of the underpass echos, I had no idea if it was from ahead or behind me.

I will tell you, there are times to investigate noises and see “what up” and there are times to just pedal faster and avoid the whole thing.  Any and all voices in my head decided it was the time for the latter here, and the legs kicked in for the next mile. Maybe it was sasquatch….

I am very glad I did ride, as it looks to be a GREAT afternoon for the ride home. An hour after I got here, this was the sunrise view from the room I am training in:




So yep, that voice (or is it just me looking for an excuse to be lazy) is annoying, but today I make as a success as I ignored it and got my butt in gear!

Like the wind folks!

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  1. I’m glad you made it in and out safely today! The fog patches were pretty thick but boy the moon this morning and sunset this afternoon were beautiful! I took the dog out for a second walk just to enjoy the sky. 🙂

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