Are they sure about that?

Sometimes you skim through Facebook and come across a post that just makes you smile.  The trouble is, occasionally  you are just not sure exactly sure why you are smiling so much.  There is something in it that just appeals to you.  But you aren’t exactly sure what it is until you read it 5 times.

This happened to me when I clicked on the link to this article talking about bikes being a “fountain of youth” on my buddy  Joe’s page.

Folks, damn near every cyclist (blogger or not) that I have met knows that the legend of the bike keeping you young is 100% scientific fact!  I know I’ve talked about it time and time again.  After a hard day at work, or an extremely long week, saddling up makes me feel like I did when I first jumped on the bike.

Before I was The Wind! I was little Breeze
Before I was The Wind! I was little Breeze

The smile breaks out on the face, the heart gets to pumping, the legs are ready to go and once again I am a kid experiencing his first taste of freedom.

During the ride it shows itself even more.  Popping wheelies on bumps, going as fast as you can and weaving around branches and puddles, trying to catch the people in front of you and sometimes just bursting into song (yep, I admit it, it happens).  Anyone from 5 to 105, when on two wheels just feels good.

I have been sicker than a dog, mad as hell and stressed as all get out, but after 10 miles or so, I feel MUCH better.

This article supports it. Scientists did tests on cyclist of all ages, and they were in such good shape that it was impossible to tell their true age from the tests.  The bike keeps them young!

I can hear you thinking it!  “Um, Tony, the article supports what you believe!  Where is the mystery of why you liked it?”  (Ok maybe you aren’t thinking that, but we will pretend )

I did enjoy the fact that a scientific study helps support my opinion.  (It happens a lot actually) and for that I would have been happy to share it.   But honestly, it wasn’t it.  There was something else.  I read it a few more times, when suddenly I found it.  It was this part here.

It should be noted that the study looked at serious cyclists, not those doing their local shopping. Men were capable of doing 100 kilometers in under 6.5 hours; That’s a pretty small subset of cyclists.

I think the first few times I read this, I substituted miles for kilometers in my head.  But when I realized what their criteria was, the smile hit big!

100 kilometers is 60 miles.  I can do 60 tomorrow in under 5, NOT the 6.5 they were looking for.  By this summer it will be closer to 4 hours for a ride that long.  So, if I ever visit Copenhagen, I would be one bad ass cyclist!

OK, it says serious cyclists, and a pretty small subset of cyclists.  But this study was conducted by a British University, they aren’t allowed to us the word bad ass.  But in my expert translation of British to American (don’t laugh, my sister has lived there for over 30 years, we may both speak English, but it aint the same language!) they totally meant Bad Ass Cyclist!

So yep a twofer.  A scientific study helping prove what I believe and gives me a shout out to my cycling prowess!

Joe thanks for sharing!

I wonder what these Brits would think of 200 miles in a day….


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    1. If my momma knew that little one would grow up to ride all over, climb mountains and jump outta planes, causing (as she says) everyone one of her gray hairs, she never woulda bought that ugly purple bike.

      It started it all!

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