The Proposal

You know, there are some nights you have just decided there isn’t going to be a blog post as you have nothing in mind.  No big deal, a night off isn’t a bad thing.  Then, when driving to the grocery store for a few things, and listening to sports radio, you not only know what to write but that you will do so NOW!

I am not sure why this was a topic on sports radio, but the question was asked to the hosts: What was the most unusual wedding proposal you know of and who did it.  My mind went to my buddy Dave (yep the same Dave that accidentally kissed Scott in a post earlier this week (see A Free Pitcher of Beer) and his proposal to his lovely wife.

Folks, romantic Valente I am not.  My proposal to Michelle was simple and quiet and done while having an after work snack.  To Dave, way back when, something like this just was not enough!  As I write this post, maybe I now understand why he likes to read Nicholas Sparks books, he really is a romantic.

But I digress.  Dave wanted his proposal to Kat to memorable.  And this took planning.  So to the tavern we went, and fortified with beer, we began to plan.  He came to us with part of an idea.  He wanted to come upon a limo, in an out-of-the-way place, stocked with food, wine, and a mixed tape (that tells you how old this was?) that he put together.

The question was, how do we do this.

Well, first, where do we put the limo?  I knew of a VERY dark, unlit road close to his house that ran along a river.  It would be the perfect place to “find” one just waiting.

Second, a plausible reason to park there. Our lubricated brains easily came up with this.  The Limo was paid for, and at the last-minute, the guy and girl broke up, canceling the date.  If the driver went back to headquarters, the company would still keep the cost of the limo, but he wouldn’t get paid for the time.  So he would be killing time and HAPPY to drive them around instead!  Oh and help ourself to the prepaid wine and food as well.

Third, it may seem minor, but we needed a good reason to be walking on this dark road and find the limo.  This took more beer and thinking.

OK, first, Tony tells Dave about a great restaurant that few people go to cuz its out of the way along a dark road.

Then, Dave’s car dies!

Editors note: For anyone else, here is where it would stop, as how many of you can make a car die will.  Dave is our resident MacGyver.  He just looked at us and said “No problem, I will just wire in a foot activated kill switch.”  And we went on without blinking an eye, if Dave says he can….

 We thought it would be suspicious if the car died right where the limo was, we wanted it a mile away, but we didn’t want Kat to walk that far and  no WAY Dave would,

Easy, some kind stranger would pick them up,  You know us northwesteners, we are friendly sorts.  But somehow we had to get them back out of the good samaritan’s car again.

This, if a recall took another beer,  Then it hit us.  Dave worked for an insurance company at the time.  Unlike the Mighty P I work for, the one he did did NOT have nor have now, the best reputation.  The doer of the good deed, in conversation would ask, “So what do you do?” To which Dave would say the name of the company.

Said person would flip out saying, “You work for them?  They SCREWED me!! Get the HELL out of my truck!” And lo and behold there would be a limo!

Brilliant!  But we had one problem (OK I can hear y’all thinkin again out there, “Only ONE problem?”)

Yep, you see when we get together there is nuthin we can’t do.  There would be details of course, but the plan was set.  Except for the good sam guy. Kat and Dave had been dating for a while she knew his friends and his co workers.  So it couldn’t be one of us, but we needed someone who we could count on and who would do it.

One last beer and Dave shouted C-Man!  He was one of us from way back, a member of the Strohs Bros, and a fellow Coug.  We hadn’t seen him in quite a while, and Kat hadn’t met him.  Dave was sure he still had his number and would call and set it up.  Notice there was no question of IF he would do it.  One of us makes the call and we all come a running.

OK the plan was set.  Dave wired the car and showed me how to work it.  I scouted the road and found where to have him break down, where Cman would get him and where the limo could park.

We would meet the limo at a parking lot at 7:00 and fill in the driver of the plan.  (OK, none of us thought that maybe we should do that long before….)  C-man and I would lead the limo to the spot and he would park across the way to wait for Dave to pass.  He would then follow 10 minutes later.  Clockwork!

Meanwhile we had food, wine (Pink Chablis I believe) and the mix tape.  we were there and ready.  7 PM showed up and…  No Limo.  7:05 nuthin.  Dave would be leaving soon and we did NOT have cell phones back then!

I found a pay phone, called his house and caught him just as they were going to leave and said “NO LIMO!”  His reply? “You say your washing machine is over flowing?  OK here’s what I want you to do.” And he gave me a list of steps.  He then said, “Ok do that and we will stay here until you call back and say everything is OK!”

This was of course could for “Dammit I will try to stall but find out where the limo is and call me back!!”  As he hung up I heard him say, “Tony is having home issues again, lets wait a bit…..”

Luckily as I hung up the limo showed up.  I flagged him down got the food and wine inside and filled him in on the plan.  Thinking back, we were damn lucky we got an adventurous driver.  He was all over it!  I called Dave back to say the laundry was going fine and then I got to ride in the limo to the special spot (and since I was hungry I sampled some of Dave and Kat’s food.)

I jumped in C-mans pickup to get back and yelled “STOP!”

Something hit me.  And I ran back to the limo to see if he had a cork screw.  Nope.  So turned over my favorite swiss army knife and made him promise to make Dave keep it for me.  He did,

C-man dropped me off and took off for his station.

Five minutes later, Dave’s car went by.  Soon there after, there went C-man.

It worked like a charm…  I am sure Kat woulda said yes regardless, but hell, what fun would that have been for us?  That was at least 16 years ago now, and those two are still happily together.

I like to think it’s because we helped! Or maybe it’s because C-man scared her so bad she still isn’t thinking straight, either of these is possible.

Well done Dave!


4 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. Ah, what a FANTASTIC story! Romantic indeed! It definitely has Nicholas Sparks written all over it. 🙂 And to think you would have left your dear readers hangin’ without a post for today! Fortunately for your readers, they ended up getting a gem! 🙂

  2. A wonderful reminder of a lovely night! At least 16 years ago you say? Try 20! whew! Thanks for the great story, Tony! told by a great story teller. 🙂
    ♥ Kat

    1. 20???? You know I thought it mighta been but you looked two damn young at breakfast for it to have been 20 years ago!

      Thanks for the story teller compliment! And glad you enjoyed it… Dave did good, both in the proposal and picking you

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