I’m Heading for the Beach!

One of my favorite things to do each year are organized Century rides.  I like the just show up with full water bottles, and someone else is in charge of planning the route, making it easy to follow, providing food/liquid at specific stops, and if I ever flat give up, there is a van to haul my sorry old but home. 

I also like the people who ride these with me.  Nope, not my friends, they all think I am nuts to pedal 100 miles in sun or rain or whatever else is thrown at me.  I mean the others who DO sign up for the rides.  It’s always fun talking to other riders along the way.

Aside from the teams that think they should (or maybe they think they are!) in the Tour de France, where matching outfits and shout at others to get out-of-the-way, most are a lot like me.  We are people who like to ride, see new stuff, and who use the 100 mile rides as their excuse to eat a HUGE pasta meal at the end (and a hot dog at the half way point.).

There are two I do every year, as they are close and fun, but I like to do at least 4 a year to keep me riding and training.  This year I did something I try to avoid.  Yep, I signed up for a fund-raiser ride!  The 2015 Reach the Beach.  This is 100 miles from Portland OR to Pacific City on Oregon Coast.  I did this one 2 years ago (See That Rock ) and loved it.  Mostly for the fact I end up at the Ocean.  Can’t beat this for a finish line view.


Now I am very careful when I DO sign up for fund-raisers.  First it has to be for a good cause.  Well this is for the American Lung Association.  Michelle’s success at her Half Marathon and the Jingle Bell run is even more impressive when you realize she has major lung issues and has to work harder to be able to succeed.

Second, it has to be reasonable.  We have a ride here in Seattle, which supports cancer research, called the Obliteride.  For the 2 day 150 mile ride, (which is a BORING route to Parkland WA (trust me a BAD and ugly neck of the woods)) the minimum donation is $1500.  (nope not a typo Fifteen hundred)  In fact, when you sign up, you are required to give your credit card number.  If you don’t get the minimum, well, they will just charge your card for the rest. (OH HELL NO!)

This one is MUCH more reasonable.  If I don’t get enough in donations, I can easily make up the difference and ride.  However, since I like the cause, I figure throwing it out here once (cuz asking for money is NOT what this blog is about!) is not a bad thing.  Anything I get over the minimum is just more there to help someone.

So, if you have a spare $5 or $10 bucks, and want to donate, you can do so here (Tony’s Donation Page) No obligation, no badgering and no Rocky Balboa showing up at your house to wring more cash out of you!

No matter what, you should  see a post in May that will have a picture like this!

Finished Reach the Beach
Finished Reach the Beach

Thanks yall, regardless of donations, I appreciate the fact so many of you read this thing everyday.  Makes the writing MUCH more fun knowing people do!

Like the wind!



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