This REALLY coulda been a crappy Weekend

Folks as I sit here at home in my ugly gray sweats, running a fever, coughing and hacking I think back on the weekend and know this had the potential to be the worst weekend is a long time…

I had a tickle in my throat and a bit of a cough on Friday.  But it didn’t seem major at all.  In fact, my plan was to get up Saturday, crank out 40 miles on the bike, and see if that helped defeat the incoming cold I getting.  I firmly believe a cure for the common cold is hard outside exercise.  Every time you exhale you get rid of germs, and inhale beings in clean air.  Working out, outside, makes this even better. (See: Medicinal Properties)

However, when I woke up Saturday I felt like complete crap,  Now in the younger years I woulda still gone.  I’ve played softball with over 100 degree fever (we were short-handed and I had to play) I’ve run 5Ks almost coughing up a lung (If I pays for it, I does it).  But this was different.  I was a hurting camper. After Michelle made eggs, I napped, got up to do some errands then went back to sitting on the chair and napping some more.

I never did have dinner, just wasn’t hungry (which NEVER happens).

I spent the day hydrating though, which is good, but it also meant I needed the restroom quite a few times.  And this told me I was in serious trouble.  Each time I’d get out of bed, I would get the uncontrollable shivers.  I was freezing, teeth chattering, etc.  (Not to be graphic, and my apologies here, but do you know how hard it is to pee when you are shivering like that?)

Each time I got back into bed, the shivering for 5 minutes woke her up.  Yep I had a fever!  SUCK!

Now add to it a major windstorm blew in Saturday night.  When I woke up, there were three pretty damn big branches right next to my car.  WOW, got lucky there.  All I need is to have to duct tape a hole in the roof of that car.  The 97 Ford Escort with 306, 000 miles does not have the insurance coverage to fix it should it be hit.

The library survived, which was great, I always worry about it as we used a big spike to set it up instead of digging a hole and concrete (Mostly cuz I am not sure HOW to do the concrete part).  5 minutes later though, the biggest gust of the storm hit and the library was down! Damn, Manchild and I got it moved to the shed, and I got a call out to Dave to help me set it up correctly, but damn, this is NOT the weekend to have this happen!

Once again, I spent the day on the chair, but at noon the Seahawks were playing.  YES!  that will set things to right.  If we win, we go to the Super Bowl!  OK let’s do this!

At halftime we were down 16-0, we stunk on ice, and it looked like our Super Bowl was gone…

But then, the most unlikely chain of events I could ever imagine, happened.

1) A fake field goal resulting in a touchdown (Fake field goals NEVER work)

2) A recovered on side kick (Onside kicks NEVER work)

3) A two point conversion was successful (These never work when you need one)

Suddenly the game is tied and goes into OT.

4) We win the coin flip (OK its 50/50 but combined with the other things that worked prior to this, the football gods were smiling)

5) The the team who stunk to high heaven, turned over the ball 4 times, marched down the field and scored a touch down!



Yep we came back and showed them what kind of team we were.  Hell our best defensive players, Sherman and Thomas were playing hurt and refused to come out.  We hung in there and we are now:



I’d like to thank my buddy Rod (Seeing the Edge) for these shots!  He was there, lucky man!

The stands erupted, players were crying, the town went nuts,  It was amazing,  The best part for me was when Michael Bennet “borrowed” a Seattle PD bike and did victory laps around the stadium!






There is no better way to celebrate than on two wheels!  The Seattle PD tweeted that it was fine for him to ride it as long as he returned it before the Super Bowl!  Love that!

So a weekend that could have been amazingly crappy turned in to one of the most epic wins of all time.  Yep I am still sick, yep the library is still down, but in the grand scheme of things, it just aint that bad!


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  1. I have never been so sweaty and nervous during a football game in my life. I still can’t believe that happened. Don’t get me wrong, I love and trust my Hawks, but I thought we blew it in the first half. What a game though!

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