Kinda surprised myself some today

Anyone who read the last post knows that I was not a healthy camper this weekend.  Yep I got a flu shot, as usual, but its all over the news that this years vaccine missed the mark big time with the flu that is hitting. Given the coughing, fever, lack of appetite and no energy, I am pretty sure I had it.

It hit with a cough on Friday, and I in essence sat on my butt for most of Saturday and Sunday. I could tell Sunday night that I was in no shape to go to work Monday, so I called in sick.  I called in early Monday,  got the boss’s voicemail, and said, in essence, “Sorry I am sick, and I am going back to bed.”  I was about to end the call when I added, “Oh yeah, this is Tony.” (Talking to my boss today she thanked me for the last part, as she had NO idea until them who was on the phone (I sounded that bad))

I slept, drank gatorade, and slept some more.  I am not sure I ate at all Monday.

Tuesday I felt better, but still not 100%, and I had had a fever at bed time (99.4).  Back when Mathmsjor and Manchild were in daycare, the rule was “Don’t bring the kid until he is fever free for 24hrs.  Using that rule, and the fact I was still exhausted, I called in sick one more time.

I did accomplish something though, I finally sat and watched Star Wars episode 3, Revenge of the Sith. Some may ask me to turn in my sci fi merit badge when they learned I had never seen it, but it just hadn’t happened till now. (For the record, of the 3 new ones, it was the best, but the originals still can’t be touched!) Aside from the movie though, I just slept the day away.  I did eat a little more.

Today, dawned, and I was telling myself I was at 85%, but if I’da been truthful, it was more of the mid 70s.  Now I have never claimed to be a smart man, so in holding with that, I decided it was a good day to ride the bike home.

Now, now.  I know there are moms out there (including mine) who are ready to point out this was NOT a good idea, but I have found that outside exercise helps, AND I was getting cabin fever from NOT riding. Plus we all know guys HATE to admit weakness.

My first walk in the morning up two flights of stairs honestly DID start me wondering if in fact this WAS such a good idea.  I was winded and felt like I barely made it.  (Could be a LONG commute home if I have to push the bike went through my head.)

But as the day went on, I felt like I was getting stronger.  My lunch time walk went well, no issues at all,  1.8 miles and a stop for an ice tea for Michelle. I was starting to think the ride wouldn’t be so bad.

Then the time came,  First off, an admission of shame.  As I took off, I saw brown corrosion spots on the chain!!!  That has NOT happened since I first got the original tri-cross!! My plans for a good cleaning after last weeks wet ride did not happen, and I will need to rectify that soon!  (I will pick up what is needed tomorrow)

The ride though, well, it was GREAT!!!  There were a couple of coughs from the bottom of the lungs, which hurt, but that is good!  Getting the germy air out that deep and sucking in cold clean air from the bike is the quickest way to kick whatever ails ya!  I didn’t push hard on the way home, nor though did I take it easy.

It was a good steady ride, legs felt strong, lungs clear, nose unplugged and it was JUST what the doctor ordered after being cooped up and hurting for 5 days. Even the 4 mile hill was not taxing at all.

Not so long ago, I would refuse to admit I ever got sick (and honestly its been over a year since I have been) This time there was no question, i was down for the count,  But, I have to admit, I even surpassed myself today by how quickly I seem to be back!

Let’s hope tomorrow is ever better!

2 thoughts on “Kinda surprised myself some today

  1. Although I’m sure you feel as though you’ve been sick forever, you’re lucky if you’re really over it already. A lot of folks who were sick this season (myself included, and I *rarely* get sick), had that illness that lingers on for weeks. You think you’re over it…and then *boom*…it hits you again. While I’m also a firm believer in the restorative value of fresh air, don’t push yourself too hard too soon. I would hate to see you down again with more yucky symptoms.

    Be well, friend~

    1. Promise! And I am thinking the same thing. Today is not a ride day, Michelle and I are going to the team store after work then meeting a friend at Cafe Flora for dinner.

      I had no ideas you got sick? Hope all is better now lady!

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