We’ll call it 95%

Its amazing the difference a week will make!  Last week, the miracle in Seattle had yet to happen, and we were looking forward to a big game (we had no idea HOW big) the next day.  Last week, he term “deflated balls” may have made those of us with the minds of a 13 year giggle, but we had no idea how much it would be said this week

Also last week, there is no way in hell I would’ve gotten two rides in the last two days!

Yep, this time last week I barely moved off the red chair in our sitting area.  I had picked up a crud from somewhere, and for the next 4 days I would drink, sleep, repeat.  Sedentary Valente they called me.

There is no way I would call myself fully recovered.  I have a lingering cough that is becoming annoying,  Walking up stairs at work leaves me winded at times, and by 9 PM, I am ready for sleep!

However, on the back of the bike, the medicinal properties kick in, letting me get the ride home last night and a 40 miler today.

Last night, I will have to say, was, at the least, aggravating.  The weather was off and on rain all day, so I took off with rain gear on.  As soon as I started I knew this was a bad idea.  It was just too warm.  But being stubborn, I kept going,

Two miles later, a lady jets across Eastlake Ave E in her boat of a car, at a place I’ve never seen anyone cross.  This wouldn’t be so bad except I had to lock the breaks to keep from hitting her as she did it right in front of me!  Admittedly I was probably hard to see in my BRIGHT yellow coat, and yellow helmet cover, along with flashing lights.

Gotta love my work shop glasses for dark and wet days!
Gotta love my work shop glasses for dark and wet days!

My momma taught me not to cuss at a lady, but someone who almost hits me is NOT a lady, I cussed, and loudly!

2 miles after that I am stopped at a trail crossing waiting for the light to change, and watching a lady closely who wanted to turn right and cross my crossing.  Sure enough, the light changed, I started as so did she.  I yelled “STOP!” and pointed right at her.  She cussed at me, I may have let loose an extra expletive, and I crossed.  Musta been the first lady’s sister!

Well, as you might guess, these two occurrences got me a bit heated, and combined with the riding, I had to shuck some layers.  Taking off the rain pants, the helmet cover, and rolling up the sleeves worked perfectly!  It was a pretty good rest of the ride home, and I got here just as a pretty good wind squall hit, sometimes you do get lucky.

Before I could ride today, though, the bike needed some serious TLC.  After breakfast I degrimed and degreased the chain and cassette, then lubed everything.  I could almost hear the sigh of relief from the bike.  I did discover the back brakes are NOT doing much right now, that will need some investigation and research as I know zilch about my new disc brakes….

I remembered yesterday’s lesson, so I left in shorts and a windbreaker.  Given we are dealing with the “year without a winter” (A post on this will happen soon) it was almost too much.  The ride was good, 40 miles with hills,  and uneventful, except for grumpy peloton guy.

Near the 30 mile mark I was passed by about 10 real cyclists.  You know, the guys with matching spandex from top to bottom?  I didn’t pay them any mind, until a few minutes later when a last guy passed me, and he was a hurtin unit. Clearly, whatever pace was being set for him was too much, and you could tell he was tuckered.

He was wobbly in the road, and a couple of times I gave him a “car back!” shout to let him know traffic was coming up behind him.  At no point did any of the guys dressed like him turn back to check on him.

About a mile later, the peloton did pull over at an ARCO, and this guy went straight inside to get something (maybe a ride home).  As I was waiting for traffic to let me in I heard grumpy peloton guy just going off, and NOT quietly. “If he can’t keep up on this ride, its ONLY 4 hours. then he needs another group.  We CAN’T keep waiting for him, I am NOT getting my workout this way!!”

Most of the others were ignoring him, except one who was giving him the “Are you seriously that much of a douchewaffle” look.  Oh wait, maybe that was me giving the look…  Once again I am reminded why I LOVE riding alone.

The legs got me up the hill to my house, I had lunch, and, aside from the cough, I am felling good! I think I am easily at 95%!

Tomorrow, around the house chores!

9 thoughts on “We’ll call it 95%

  1. >I was probably hard to see in my BRIGHT yellow coat, and yellow helmet cover, along with flashing lights.

    Ha, that made me laugh hard! The water I was drinking as I was reading your post nearly got spit out my nostrils. 🙂

    Regarding the lady and her “sister”…don’t you sometimes wish you could just give traffic tickets to these folks?

    Regarding how the “slow guy” was treated…I generally (though not always) equate “spandex” with big egos and small penises. 🙂 (Oops, did I just say that.)

    Today was gorgeous for a ride. Not exactly sunny, but warm! Spring is in the air. Sorta. 🙂

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