I am tuckered!

Once again, a week makes a major difference in the life of our hero.  Last weekend was wet and miserable.  A major windstorm blew through and knocked over our little free library, and it was just flat wet and cold!

At the time I am writing this post, last week, the Seahawks were orchestrating the biggest comeback in the division playoffs (EVER!) and he who shall not be named was deflating 11 of 12 balls for the Patriots. (My theory is the 12th was used by the kicker!).  I of course was sicker than a dog and too tired to even pace during the game.

Flash forward a week

Somehow mother nature is confused. Because as I am typing this, the sun has been out and it was easily 65 degrees out there!  it was gorgeous.  The weather started dramatically clearing and warming up yesterday after my 40 miles ride.  It got so nice that I guilted myself into doing something.

What I really wanted to do was sit on my rear and read.  What I did instead was to go out and start cleaning up the big branches that fell during the same storm.  I really shoulda taken some pictures, but I was lazy.  I will tell you though, what I thought was 3 branches was 6, and some were too big for me to move!

It was a giant game of “Pickup Stick” using a saw and loppers.  I would lop off the small branches and boughs to allow me to get to the main branch, then cut it down to size to allow me to move them to the back yard.  Once there I moved the biggest stuff to the far back where the chain saw was set up.

The six biggest trunks were all sawed into stove lengths and stacked to dry until next winter, the rest I have started to stuff into the yard waste bins.  I will work on that throughout the week!

Today, we slept in, but it was warm when we woke up.  After the morning errands, it was once again time to get stuff done.  Step one was the bike.  The whole no back brakes thing was not making me unhappy.  After taking a look at them, and messing around with a hex wrench and needle nose vice grips, I am now the happy owner of rear brakes again.  They should be fine until the bike goes in for the annual tune up.

Then it was time for real work.  I wanted to get started on the blown over library.  The first step was to remove the spike holding it up before.

A little back story.  I have never set a post in concrete.  Never had to, nor did I know how.  I’ve always gotten a spike like this from the hardware store.

imageHammered that sucker into the ground and been good to go.  When you ready to remove them, just using a shovel and rocking it back and forth with the post in it loosens it enough to pull it out.  This time, though, the top sheared off in the wind.  There was nothing left to grab.  This meant I had to dig almost two feet down to try to loosen it.  Finally, after sticking a 2 X 4 next to it and smacking it on all sides with a sledge, it felt loose.

The neighborhood echoed with my loudest wookie yell as grabbed hold, and pulled with everything I had and it came free! That was NOT easy.

OK, the original plan was to get that out and finish setting it up next week.  Funny thing though, the hole was the perfect depth and the perfect spot.  So with a little research on YouTube, and some help from Michelle, the post is now set in cement! It aint going nowhere!  This weekend Manchild will be up and he and I can lift the library itself onto the post!

No wonder I am tired!

However, we got other things done as well.  Shopping, hardware store (twice) and drug store rounded out the errands.  Then Michelle ordered a new dryer to be delivered.  (Ever hear those cars that start-up in the morning with a loose belt and they squeal all over the neighborhood?  Yeah that’s our dryer….)

We also used Alaska miles to book our flights to Santa Rosa for Michelle’s half marathon in August, then booked the hotel for my Reach the Beach Century ride (in Portland the night before) in May as well as our hotel in Vancouver BC for the Foo Fighters in September!

All this along with the normal stuff we do light laundry and lunches for the work week….

No wonder I am tuckered!  I will post a picture of  the Library when it stands again!


2 thoughts on “I am tuckered!

  1. ‘Twas a productive weekend, eh? While you chopped your firewood and fixed your library, I sat on my rear in the sunshine and read. So, no worries, I got that part covered for you. 😉

    Congrats on acquiring the new cement technique. Your library will now be able to stand up to anything!

    Lastly, I’m glad you booked all the flights. Your adventures are guaranteed to provide good blog reading material for your readers. Thank you for that. 🙂


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