In Pete we trust!

Folks, it is NOT a happy night in Strohville, the Valente Household or Seattle in general.  As most of you I am sure know, the Seahawks lost a heartbreaker in the Super Bowl.  So, after spending the last 3 hours getting the Manchild home after the game, I stopped on the way home for cheap bottle of wine (Thank GAWD for Boomtown wine and that dry January is over) and I decided I needed to get this written before I head for bed.

First off let me say, that it was one HELLUVA game.  Most Super Bowls, in my opinion, end up being pretty boring.  Last years would have been a prime example had it not been my Seahawks blowing out the other side.  This one was a knock down drag out with two excellent teams playing some damn good football.

AS usual, my boys caused me stress by not doing so well early on, but at half time, we were tied.  PERFECT, the Hawks always play better int he second half AND we got the ball first after halftime.  We had them right where we wanted them.

Well, I won’t go into a full recap of the game.  However, I will tell you, that the last play made me, after all these years, fully understand a scene from the original Star Wars.

There is a scene on the Millennium Falcon, where Obi Wan Kenobi staggers.  When asked what was wrong he said, “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

We were first and goal on the 3 yard line.  Everyone in the world knew we were going to give it Marshawn Lynch and pound it in.  No WAY Beastmode would NOT make this touchdown.  However, Pete Carroll called a pass, it was thrown and intercepted, and the entire state of Washington, plus Hawk fans everywhere, “Cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.  It was as if something terrible had happened”  It did.  The game was over, out boys didn’t pull off the miracle.

Now I will guarantee for years to come, and especially the next few weeks, people will be second guessing our coach for this call,  for a while I was as well. (and let me tell you my Facebook Feed is calling for his head!)  But in my LONG drive home from the Manchild’s house (some drunk 12th man drove off the road and messed up traffic bad!) I started thinking.

The ONLY reason my Hawks won last year and made it to the Superbowl this year was Pete.  He built this team from the ground up, and he makes calls during the game that make us ALL scratch  our  heads.  In the NFC Championship game he called the fake field goal. Those NEVER work!  We ALL loved it cuz it did work, but what woulda happened if it failed.

Just before  half time, the 12th men were screaming for a field goal, Pete said “Screw it!” and called for a touchdown pass and tied the game instead.  Everyone knew we were going to run the ball there at the end, but once again he decided to do the unexpected.  As good as Marshawn is, Russell does a helluva job NOT getting intercepted.  A gutsy call again, this time it just didn’t work.

If it had, the man woulda been a genius and people would have been talking for months about “Only Pete would do that!”  Well, as much as it hurt, and my initial thoughts of “Tar and feather him!” he is our coach, of our team.  He has done the impossible time and time again, and he will in the future.  SO yep, we can question him, but remember how many times he was worked magic, and how many more times he will in the future,

Pete NEVER takes credit for the win, its the team, but he took full responsibility for this play call.  He is a true leader, and one helluva man.  In PETE we TRUST!

So tomorrow, I, as will 1000s of my fellow 12s, will be wearing our Seahawk blue, we are damn proud of our boys.  I will remember this game forever, but I KNOW I will see my boys in the big show again, hell maybe next year, and I pity the team that has to play us the first week of the season in the fall.  They will have a LOT of frustrations to take out on someone.

Go HAWKS!20140130-132226.jpg

6 thoughts on “In Pete we trust!

  1. Awesome post Tony! I have to admit, you put it all in perspective. We can’t be fair weather fans. True fans support our team no matter what. We will/do always question the plays that don’t work! We may not like the results but a coach is the coach and we pay him to do that. We lost this one so we need to suck it up and move on! Thanks for the insights dude! 🙂

    Belinda G

  2. As a Coug, I’m used to this. It was a heartbreaker, and yes, the Seahawks had a few miracle plays to even put them in position for that last play. I still love and support our Hawks. Great post.

  3. Faith, courage, integrity — the Hawks have it all! We’ll see them again next season and in the meantime we can think about the heart, discipline and mental toughness which make them able to play the game. A great application to life.

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