Even better than a brand new bike!

Folks with all the finalizing of the repairs on the little free library, errands, sleeping in a bit and the Super Bowl, I was just not able to find time to get the bike out this weekend.  There are just sometimes real life gets in the way.  Since I had just gotten it out of the shop with a fresh tune up, I could feel it wanting to go, but it and I had to wait for today’s ride home from work…

I will tell you, the day did NOT start out to be s stellar bike ride day.  By the time we got to work and I made my oatmeal, it was POURING outside.  The weather forecast called for it to rain all day, which meant my bike, which was easily as clean and shiny as it was on the day I bought it,


was going to start getting grimy again.

At the lunch time walk, it had turned into that annoying misty rain.  The drops don’t fall, they just seem to float.  I hate riding in this as the glasses seem to get the wettest and the most blurry in this type of precipitation over any other.  I was still excited to ride, cuz no matter what it beats driving home, but the weather was putting a serious damper (pun intended) on it.

A funny thing, though, as I worked through the afternoon, I was pretty focused on the computer, and I hadn’t looked outside for hours.  Somewhere along the way, the rain stopped and the sky cleared a bit.   There was a pretty good wind, but it was pushing me north.  The wet and potentially miserable ride was looking MUCH better.

Then, from out of the blue, it got even better.  Michelle got stuck working until 330 (She normally gets out at 3)  I am NOT happy she had to stay late, but being there that long let me change clothes, grab what I needed for the ride, and toss the panniers in the car with her.  I had a NO baggage ride ahead of me!  It was happy dance time!

I hit the first hill and I swear I levitated to the top.  I turned north, and with the tail wind, I was shifting to the smallest and fastest gears, and not feeling like I was working hard.  The brakes were stopping me, there were no squeaks or weird noises, or heavy bags.  I was floating and loving every second of it.

As I hit the flats, I looked down and I was without pushing it, at almost 19 mph.  I never do that.  I could feel the smile on my face, and wind in my ears.  It was cloudy, and a bit chilly, but there is no way any spring or summer ride could have been better. I made it home dry with little or no road grime on the bike.

Folks, I have to tell you, the minute I did my first crank on the pedals I could tell this was going to be one great ride.  I have ridden brand new bikes, and it is fun.  But there is nothing like riding your bike fresh out of the shop after a year of hard miles on it.  You know how the bike handles, all its tricks, and moves.  The seat is perfect right where you like it.  You are one with the 2 wheels.  After today, I just have to believe that this ride, on old reliable, was better than any new bike fresh off the floor.

This bike and I have almost 5000 miles together and close to 2 years of riding.  as long as I take care of it, he will carry me anywhere!  Like the wind!

PS  I Highly Recommend Performance Bikes in Lynnwood.  They were fast inexpensive and knew their stuff.  I have found my new shop!

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  1. Riding a like-new bike is certainly enjoyable. And getting back to the bike after a few days off often doubles the enjoyment…though in your case, I think there was a “triple-factor” going on — even better!

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