It has been a long week

Folks I am sitting here today, without wine (I had a bit too much last night, so I don’t need any tonight) and I am just flat beat.  It has, without a doubt, been one helluva long week!  Three hour meetings each day (which drives me nuts).  Working with a new program we are implementing in my department (It doesn’t like me, and I feel the same about it.  What it doesn’t know is I have a big stick and WILL use it if it keeps screwing up.) I got rained on something fierce on the ride home Wednesday night.  Oh and the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl last Sunday.

Yeah its been a tough week, but then again, there was some good as well!

Last night, Michelle and I had a date night.  We thought we had Manchild on Valentine’s weekend next week, (Turns out we don’t though so we will spend the day just us!)  and we wanted time to ourselves.  Next Thursday I get to see Joe Kurmaskie do his story telling road show for the second time.  Given all this, we made plans a few weeks ago to go out last night.  (I also surprised her with flowers delivered on Wednesday.  Her week has been MUCH worse!)

So last night we made dash over to the East Side after work.  Did some wine tasting at Dusted Valley 


and then went to Purple Cafe and Wine bar next door.  My gawd the Pine Nut Pesto Pasta with prawns was amazing.  We sipped wine, relaxed, talked and ignored life for a while.  We then went home and split the Petit Verdot we bought at DV. I needed that night!

But that was not the only good stuff this week, and coming up for the weekend.  Tuesday night found Manchild and I having dinner at Gramma’s.  There is no better place to eat in the south end than my mom’s!  Hell, show up at dinner time, tell her you know me, and she will throw another plate on the table (You might have to help shoo the cat away though, he thinks he’s a people.)  I always eat WAY too much, but it is darn good!

I had the best ride of this short year Monday.  Warm, dry, bike fresh out of the shop, tail wind and no panniers.  I felt like I was flying!  It was the first day of the long meetings and that ride was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Then tonight, Manchild was late getting to Seattle, so we decided to eat in town.  We hit Lunchbox Laboratory, and had a couple of the best burgers ever!  They are bad for you, messy, expensive, but i ate every bite and wanted more.

Then, as we were heading for the car, we ran into our friend Sandy, who said, “You are here late, are you going north, in a car?”  “Yes we are”, says I.  “Good! You can drive me too!  Let’s go!”  And off she lead to the car.  Manchild just looked at me said “What just happened?  We are driving her past our house?  And she just invited herself?  And is she as Canadian as she sounds?”

That’s just Sandy pal, it why we love her and YEP very Canadian. She kept him talking (she’s a toastmaster and has conversation skills!) and laughing the whole way.  I just kept smiling and shaking my head.  Then, later as I ran errands to get cat food (Otherwise tomorrow they would be reenacting the Terminus scenes from Walking Dead) I saved $25 on a $30 bag of cat food (coupon and membership credit! BOOYAH!!) made my night!

The upcoming weekend has some serious highlights! Aside from a bit of sleeping in, and a ride tomorrow, Sunday morning is Cascade Bike Club’s Bike Swap at Seattle Center).  Picture a giant swap meet or garage sale of all bike stuff!  Better yet check this!

A way to make extra money, or make the college kid earn his keep?
A way to make extra money, or make the college kid earn his keep?

swap meet


Michelle and I will be there first thing!  Nope I don’t need anything but you never know WHAT you might discover.  (I bring a set amount of cash, and when its gone so am I!)

Then Sunday night, The Walking Dead second half of the season starts!  I will be on the couch, texting Manchild and messaging Stacy the whole time! (Michelle goes to be early she is NOT a zombie fan.)

So why this post?  Just to point out that even the crappiest work weeks, if you look hard enough, or better yet make an effort, can have some pretty damn good things happen.

I will tell ya I will have to work HARD to make it happen during next week’s work hours….

Like the wind!

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