Struck out!

When I was a kid, every now and then the folks would pack up the whole family and we’d head for the swap meet.  For those of you who have never seen one, picture a huge-assed garage sail set up at a drive in movie theater.  (Of course there may be some of you that have never been to or seen a drive in either.)

Earlier in my alleged adulthood, I would do the same, and roam the aisles since “You never know what you might need!”  Luckily, I outgrew this, and Michelle and I don’t see the need to buy someone else’s crap.  So we avoid swap meets, flea markets and yard sales.  Well, except for one.  The annual Cascade Bike Club Swap Meet!  Which just happened to be today!

Yep, every February the bike geeks of Seattle gather at Seattle center to either unload stuff, or add to the stuff they already have.  (Or in many cases both!)


I go every year, just to walk the aisles.  Being one of those rare riders that only needs one bike at a time, and not being someone who knows enough about bikes to need interchangeable parts, I honestly don’t need anything,  But I love to look!

So, bright and early, Michelle and I were up (OK 715 AM, maybe no so early bout honestly pretty damn bright).  Last year, it had snowed over night, and getting there was dicey, this year, it was almost 50 when we woke up.

The weather dudes had called for heavy rain all day, but it was nice enough that we parked a mile away (UP HILL mind you!) in order to get free parking.  Might as well combine exercise with the shopping.

Along the way to the event center, I had to snap this picture.



Its kinda hard to tell but there is a kayak and 2 bikes on this apartment balcony.  This, to me, is the perfect example of a northwest action hero,  Just cuz I live in an apartment IN the city does NOT mean I can’t have cool stuff and get outdoors!  Makes me wonder what he or she has inside!

I love roaming the meet to look for stuff people have stashed and want to get rid of.

image image

Always makes me wonder if these old bikes are:

  1. Projects someone just hadn’t gotten to
  2. That bike  bought from last years swap meet and my spouse was mad at me.
  3. The thing a parent gave me since they have no room but they are sure I’d want it
  4. I was walking along and saw this in a junk yard so I thought I’d bring it!

There was even an 1895 tandem bike (I couldn’t get a good shot of it) that looked like it would crumble if someone touched it.

Then there is always the weird bikes.  This year the strangest was from these guys.



Yep either for those who love skateboards but want a bike, or bike riders who can’t ride skateboards but always wanted to. (HEY that’s me) And yep, they look as weird in real life.


There is even a tandem model, which has an electric assist motor for the front tire.


It will take you along at a pretty quick 12 mph, and as the guy selling them said, ride this to a bar, you are guaranteed to pick up chicks (His words not mine). With it being a tandem you can take her home with you….  OK ladies, I have to ask, would this be an attraction or a repulsion for a guy trying to pick you up…

Normally I find something that I decide I need or want today though, after two rounds to every table, I threw in the towel, yep I struck out.  I just didn’t see anything worth parting with the cold hard cash in my pocket.  It was worth the walk, but I have not added to my bike clutter.

I will go again next year, rain or shine, and who knows, maybe something will catch my eye, but it just could be I really don’t need anything!  But who knows, I might find something when the REI dividend hits next month!  But then spending that feels like FREE money, so then I even get stuff I don’t need.

Like the wind folks!

5 thoughts on “Struck out!

  1. The froggie-colored, confused, bicycle/skateboard thing is a complete and utter turn-off!

    Thanks for the rundown on the bike swap. I’ve never been, so it was fun to see the photos and to read your commentary.

    Yep, keep that cold hard cash for somethin’ else. 🙂

    1. Somehow I did NOT see it being. Babe magnet! Not like my fine 1997 ford escort station wagon! Michelle says that is what first attracted her to me!

      Just like any year it has ups and downs, but it’s fun to go to and worth the $5 to get in

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