The 57 mile breakfast!

So, Saturday morning was Valentines day.  Michelle whipped up some DAMN good scrambled eggs with pesto and cheese.  She gave me so much, I could barely fit it in tortilla wrap!  Trouble is an hour later, I looked at her and said “You are NOT going to believe this, but I am hungry again!”

This never happens!  I eat a bowl of oatmeal with raisins every day during the week, and then a hard-boiled egg for a snack about 9:00.  This egg wrap was bigger than the two of those combined.  HOW could I be hungry already?  But then we thought about it.  For the first time in months, and without really trying, I worked out 6 days in a row this last week! Sunday and Tuesday I did stairs, and the other 4 days I rode the bike home from work.

I think my body was thinking, “Whoa now cowboy!  If’n you are gonna work my ass THAT hard, you damn well better be putting some extra grub in the tank!”  (Yes my body speaks like Sam Elliot in a western when it talks to me


Well yesterday I chose to ignore it as Michelle and I went about our Valentines day.  We first went to Half-Priced books to reload the library, (kid books never come back, which is NOT a bad thing) and then to Trader Joes.  After these errands, we came home to have lunch, and then jetted over to Woodinville for some wine tasting.  A low-key, yet very fun Valentine’s day with my gorgeous wife!


Today, though, was a different plan.  The last couple of weekends I have NOT ridden for one reason or another, but today I planned to do a 70 miles, to Port Townsend and back!  Which meant getting up early to catch the ferry.


Let it suffice to say that I did NOT wake up early.  The bed was comfy, WE were comfy, and it just seemed like a better idea to say screw the boat, I will do a plan B.  Plan B turned out to be a 65 mile Lake Washington loop with the extra run into Woodinville to make it the 65.  No boats to worry about, no parking to find, just leave the house and viola! I am on the route.


I really hope that throughout this blog I have pointed out all the Michelle does.  She pushes me to ride, drives me to and picks me up from big rides, Is always there with a big smile, a kiss and GOOD JOB HONEY! (Even if I am displeased with my results) She is amazing.

I say this, because she took my “I’M Hungry!” wail to heart and came up with a plan.  When I got back from Starbucks I had a giant plate of potatoes and cheese, with sour cream and two fried eggs on top.  DAMN that was good, and I am pretty sure I licked the plate clean!

Luckily, over the years of Mountainstroh and his trusty steeds, I have adapted to being able to ride, with no issues, after a big meal  This comes in handy when you stop for a subway sandwich in the middle of a century ride, or the burger at Rogue Ales when riding the Oregon coast.  (Though two of theses makes it VERY hard to ride another 25 miles WITH hills)

Brutal Bitter in Hand!
Brutal Bitter in Hand!

So having the full stomach didn’t slow me down at all.

It was a gorgeous day, blue skies, sun coming up, but the year without a winter decided to send a COLD wind to let me know it really was still winter in the northwest.  Luckily I packed the layers.

The first 30 miles were easy and I had a tailwind, but of course, as soon as I rounded the southern half of the lake and started north on the east side, I had the headwind.  It slowed me down some and made things a bit colder, but nothing worse than I have had in the past, so I just put my head down and kept going.

It was a great ride, and I was heading down the home stretch when suddenly I felt the hunger pangs.  I looked at the odometer and it had just hit 57 miles.  WOW, I have to say that is one breakfast with some SERIOUS staying power!  The hunger pangs went away a mile later, so I was able to keep going past he 192 Brewpub (JUST off the trail!).  65 miles without a snack is NOT how I normally do this route.  Usually anything over 40 miles requires more food!

However, as frequent readers know, no matter where I ride, the last 4 miles is UPHILL!  I have done 3 or 4 40 milers this year already, but this was the longest ride in MONTHS!.  Those last 4 miles took FOREVER.  I even played with the idea of calling Michelle to come get me…  But, then I told myself to “Suck it up buttercup, it aint THAT big a hill!” (It really was today!) And I made it home.

A big gatorade to hydrate and a turkey and cheese sandwich in me and  I felt MUCH better!  I needed that stretch of the legs and I am finally feeling like I am back on track!

Like the wind!


4 thoughts on “The 57 mile breakfast!

  1. Holy smokes, you ate A LOT of food! Glad you sucked it up, Buttercup, on your final few miles. You’re a tough cookie!

    I never seem to mind ramping up my caloric intake when I intensify my riding. It’s when I wind down my miles (post-trip or in the not-so-pleasant riding season) when I start to mind if my high-calorie meals continue. 🙂

    1. I have that same issue! When i was in Spokane in November, NOT riding yet still eating like I was, it didn’t take long for the belt and the levis to tell me I was in trouble!

      I am not sure if its tough or stubborn. but I made it! We will see how tonight’s commute feels!

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