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Folks, there is just no way else to say this.  This was NOT been you normal Saturday bike ride.  Right now, I am sitting on the deck of the Tides Inn, Port Townsend, WA.  Sipping wine out of a coffee cup. (There are no wine glasses in the room)  Listening to the waves off Puget Sound lap and looking at a ton of stars!  Its has been a good, albeit VERY strange day!  I will cover the first half here…

First off, thanks to Michelle I did squeeze in a bike ride.  I went down to the Burke Gilman, and did a quick out and back.  Just enough to stretch the legs, but not so much that it made us late to get to the ferry.

Even though it was only 22 miles, this will go down in the records, as one of the best nature rides ever!  Sadly, I did not have the good camera with me, so I just have to tell the story!

First off, within a quarter-mile of starting on the trail, I saw a bald eagle just hanging out in a tree ride next to the bike bath.  I have to tell you, even though I KNOW they are huge, until I see them that close I forget just how big they are!  I am lucky to live where they hang out.

With the good, though must come the bad.  Not 5 miles later, cruising along, minding my own business, I run into a herd of Canada Geese.  I’d say at least 15 of them blocking the path.  I really shoulda known they were coming up soon, as I had been dodging goose poop for over a mile!

This may be the wrong attitude, but I am thinking many a hungry household could be fed by these guys.  As it was, I got hissed at just trying to pass through them!  I forgave them when I saw an osprey in the trees 2 miles further.  This is just one reason I like the bike better than the gym.  You just never know what you will see!

At the turn around spot I heard a splash!  Lo and behold, there were 4 otters wrestling and fighting in the water!  I have never seen more than one at any given time on the Samamish River trail,  Here were 4 fighting it out!!  I just wish I had a decent camera to catch it!!

I watched for a about 10 minutes, then headed back, just to see another bald eagle in a tree on the other side of the river!  I honestly do wonder if it’s the same one as before, but it was 8 miles away….

If that were all, I’d be happy but not as amazed.  But it was FAR from all!  Near the end of the ride I saw a flock of birds in the air.  There musta been 30 at least.  Turns out it was a flock of blue herons in the sky.  These guys NEVER fly together, so having that many is a rare event!  No idea how it happened. but I am glad to see it.

Finally, on Lake Washington, I saw two huge white birds. My first thought was swans, the second snow geese.  But we don’t have either of these in my area.  Sure as hell though, I saw them!

An excellent nature day!

I have said for years that I choose to exercised outside just so I can experience the world around me.  Granted I do get wet from time to time, but over all, I get to breathe fresh air, see what there is around me, and truly enjoy the workout!

I will say though, I really need to keep the real camera with me so yall can see what I do! Today DID remind me why I love living here, and would never look to change!

Like the wind folks!

12 thoughts on “Bikes and Nature

  1. Sweet — how nice to take a ride through nature’s zoo! I’m curious exactly where you saw the otters. I’ve only seen them one other time in “real life.” Looking forward to the second half of your story!

  2. Great are days like these! Loads of photos in your minds eye, you’ll maybe remember more about the ride than a photo or two would give you. Also the blog is there to remind you, if you look back.

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