Snuck off for a weekend

Those who read yesterday’s post may have noted I was writing it while sitting on a deck of a hotel room In Port Townsend, WA.  This is a little town, right on the Puget Sound here in Washington state.

Those who really know me, might think it was strange I was there on the weekend of the Chilly Hilly, which in the Seattle area is the considered opening day of cycling season.  But, it has been a long hard month at work, Michelle and I needed time away, and I SUCK at checking calendars..So 3 weeks ago, when I found a weekend without Manchild, and a new place to go, I called Michelle to ask if she wanted to go away.  “YES!” was the answer.  So I booked it and sent her the info,  Now my gorgeous wife is good at checking calendars, and called me back immediately to point out it was Chilly Hilly weekend.

Being the wife of an avid cyclist, she would have been fine if I cancelled our trip.  For once, though, I didn’t even consider it.  She is our planner, and gets us to do fun things together all the time. I wanted to do the same for a change.  So, NOPE, no Chilly Hilly!  We were heading for PT!

After my ride yesterday, we packed in about 15 minutes, and headed for the ferry line, we had to wait about 30 minutes to board, but we were soon on our way.  Folks, I’ve been riding ferries for years, but this is the first time I have ever felt like I was really on a boat, the winds were whipping out there!


I will say this guy did not seem to mind the wind too much at all!


Aside from the wind though, you can see how nice it was, no clouds, sunshine, gorgeous.  This does NOT happen in Seattle this time of year.  Sadly, it has happened to much this year.  The Olympic mountains here should be pure white, covered in feet of snow.


This is what they look like normally in July…  We will be hurting for water later this year.

But enough doom and gloom, back to our trip!

I booked us at the Tides Inn, right downtown and right on the water.  It also happens to be one of the places used to film the Movie “Officer and a Gentlmen.” (Room 10 to be precise).  Because of this, we spent the weekend yelling “I GOT NOWHERE ELSE TO GO!!” and “I WANT YOUR D.O.R!”  Which, if you’ve never seen the movie, would make no sense to you.  But made us laugh every time!

Michelle tagged the room as Tacky but Cute.  We had three lamps that looked just like this


And a head-board (which I never did take a shot of, that went with the decor!  However, it also had a gas fireplace, a big tub


And a great view.


It was well worth staying!

We spent most of Saturday afternoon walking around town, hitting the stores and shops and checking out the water.


There were also some very interesting bikes running around.

image image

But, there was also another trend that we noticed, starting with our “busty” lamps.  Yes, boobs seemed to prevalent in much of the art around town.


My personal theory is that the town was founded by sailors, sailors like boobs, therefore they want them everywhere.  I could be wrong, but its a theory…

The place we wanted to go to dinner didn’t open till 5, so we went into the Alchemy Bistro and Wine bar for a glass or two of wine before dinner.  The bartender was making a couple of bloody marys while we were there, and had them both in shakers at the same time.

She was talking to a co-worker and told her that she was doing the same thing last week, and a french dude pervert at table 5 liked the way her boobs shook when she did this.  He wanted her to drive him home.  As you might imagine, she was less than pleased with this, but once again, it seems to support my theory of the men of PT…

Dinner at The Silver Water Cafe was good, but not perfect.


Michelle got the Mushroom Risotto, which was ok, but just a bit on the sweet side.  My Athenian pasta on the other hand was fantastic!  We were very full when we went back to the hotel.

That night, there were no clouds, and it was dark enough that I saw 10 times the stars I woulda seen in Seattle.  We slept with the sliding glass door and the curtains open, listening to the waves.  The perfect way to sleep.  In the morning I got this shot as the sun started back up.


As well as this one


Later, it was even nicer outside than the day before


And this is FEBRUARY!   I have seen it rain for 2 weeks, dump a foot of snow, or deep freeze, but never have I seen it so warm…

On the ferry ride back, both Rainier


and Baker were out


And I was lucky enough to get this shot of the other ferry on our route (notice how much flamer the water was as compared to the day before!)


Sadly though, the quick trip away came to an end, and I had to do something I never thought I would this time of year.  Yep, the weather that is great for cycling and traveling on the ferry has one drawback.  The grass had to be mowed, and mowed bad!  So there I am, shorts, tshirt, out in the yard doing the earliest first mow of the season ever, and it was hard!  Damn that grass was thick….

All in all though, between the great nature ride Saturday morning AND the trip to PT, this was a very memorable weekend!

3 thoughts on “Snuck off for a weekend

  1. Your weekend was a helluva lot better than some silly bike ride. I mean…how often do you see boobs on those chilly hills? 🙂

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