This has not been a normal week so far

So here it is, Friday, and it has already NOT been a normal week!  To understand though, it would probably be best if I explained what I mean by normal.

On most weeks, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I ride the bike home, usually leaving about 3:30.  Tuesdays, I head south to spend dinner with  the Manchild then play pool (or like last week, ping pong).  Fridays are a toss-up.  If it’s a kid weekend, I wait for him to show up and we drive home.  If it’s not a kid weekend, I get an extra ride.

This week, so far Monday and Tuesday have NOT fit that mold.

When in doubt, we should start at the beginning, so lets talk about Monday….

At 3 o’clock, I walked Michelle to her car, as usual, and headed back to my desk for the last half hour at work.  I would head down, change and be on the road at 335 at the latest.  We were good to go.

Then, at 3:01 the alarm company calls, and says the motion detector is going off and wants to know if everything is ok. “I don’t know,” says I, “I am at work??”  “Should we call the police?”  Well DUH!!  “YES!”

I got on the phone and caught Michelle before she got too far, so she could come back and get me.  I will tell you, long ago, I learned that if we need to get somewhere quick, she is to be the driver! (somewhere in her past was a formula one driving ancestor) We broke all records and couple of traffic laws to get to our place  to find….


I jumped out of the car and told her to “Stay here!” (she didn’t).  All windows and doors were fine, nothing missing, no issues….

I called the company, only to be told “Hmm could be a bad sensor or bad battery.  We can set up a service tech, but if it turns out to be the battery you will have to pay for the service call.”

Editors note: This system was installed in October….

I. Went. Off!  I am not proud of it, but I saw red and chewed some serious ass.  “Your alarm caused me stress AND to break traffic laws and cause stress and now I will have to pay for your piece of crap system to be checked…..”

I will give this lady credit, and it means something since I supervised a call center.  She let me go, then when I went for a breath she chimed in saying I misunderstood one key piece. If I change the battery myself, and the sensor checks out there is no charge.  Their rules say if changing the battery themselves fixes it. We get charged, she was trying to avoid that call.  I did apologize for going off….

So, I trundled down to Rite Aid, got the battery, then to Thriftway for some stress relieving medicinals.



OK, Tuesday arrived, I was a bit dry from the medicinal intake, but otherwise raring to go!

Sadly, for me, I had an offsite meeting until 5, combined with clean up afterwards, it would be 5:30 before I took off, but I wanted the ride home.  This also happens to be the place we held the meeting when my bike was stolen 18 months ago.  This was our first return to this venue.  This time, the bike attended the meeting with me!



No way it was getting taken this time!  It was fun to have it there though.  Most people here at the Mighty P know I bike commute, but few have seen the bike.  the other cyclists and I discussed the routes and what I carry, and the non cyclists were amazed with how easily the panniers came on and off.

At 5:05 the session was over and we were folding chairs and cleaning up.  At 5:30 I was northbound!  I never leave that late from the office, so I hadn’t been on the trail at that time during the week.

I had no idea there is a cycling rush hour!  Normally, I see 2 or 3 other riders on my way home.  On a busy day, there might be 5 or 6.  There were 20 others, at least, just like me, moseying our butts home along the trail.  It makes sense though.  Around here, car traffic peeks between 5 and 6 PM, so why would bikes.

Unlike car traffic, which is slow going at that time,



Seattle, traffic


the extra bikes didn’t slow me down at all!  It was full on dark when I got home, but the ride was great and it cleared the mind.

I did sit and write a post that night, but it just disappeared into the ether.  I might have to redo that one, but since it discussed the difference between a leader and boss (the topic of the meeting that day), with personal examples, maybe it was best it disappeared.

Finally Thursday, I had to go to the dentist…  HATE going, but it was just a cleaning, AND they have fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at the end of the appointment.  The downside though, I have way too many teeth in my mouth, so I finally made the appointment to let them pull one out…

OK!  So a week like this needs to end well!  Tonight, Manchild and I will have dinner here in town, and then go see an action movie!  Nothing says Friday like explosions and bad oneliners!

Next week should be much more normal (he says hopefully…)


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