Racking up the miles: February 2015

Looking back over the years, February has not been the best month ever for riding.  First its a short month, so without even trying I lose 2 days of riding.  Then its the dead of winter, so the weather does not lead one to want to ride.  Finally, the legs aren’t in shape yet, so long rides are out.

Luckily this February NONE of these things (well it was still a short month) applied.

The month did have its challenges though!

First there was the new light, which I had the chance to use in the dark last week!  It lights up the path better than my old one ever could!  However, being more powerful, it blocked the wireless signal of my odometer.  I would have had about 20 miles more on the odometer had I been smart enough to figure out the problem.  Luckily it only took me two days and a little fiddling with the bike to get it all working fine.

Then there was the false alarm that made me leave the bike at work and have Michelle drive like a bat out of hell to the house, to find nothing happened at all, all I lost a great weather cycling day!

There was also the late meeting at work that meant I’d be riding home in the dark.  Luckily, the new light solved that issue, it was one of my favorite rides this month,

But lets look at the rides that DID occur this month.

First and foremost, this is the first February EVER that I did not ride in the shed at all.  The weather this year has been a winter cyclists dream.  I have gotten a bit damp once or twice, but over all its been blue sky, sunshine and in the 50s!  As you can see the skiers hate this weather



since the mountains are all but bare, but for my two wheels, its great!

I also had the chance to complete the longest ride since the Seattle to Portland.  67 miles around the Lake Washington Loop (post).  I will tell you the legs were tired, the shoulders were sore, and all week long I craved second breakfast at work.  But, with my hopes of doing the RAMROD this year, getting serious miles this early in the game is big!  I hope to get a couple next month as well.

I had a milestone hit this month, these old legs turned the odometer over and hit 18,000 miles.  It was a day late due to the light/odometer issue, but I hit it none the less!  In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. but triple zeros always make me smile.

imageFor the first time since the blog was started, February did not include the Chilly Hilly, but I had a ride full of nature (post) that weekend, and a fantastic night away in Port Townsend with my gorgeous wife! (Post)



So all in all, it was a great two-wheeled month. To top it off, the final tally was 318 miles!!   That is almost as much as last month (woulda been dead even without a faulty odometer) and 70 miles more than last year!

There is just no way next year will be the same as this, so I am very happy I took advantage of it!


5 thoughts on “Racking up the miles: February 2015

  1. That ain’t shabby at all for February! You should be proud!

    I did an overnight bike tour this last weekend — 112 miles. This was my first long bike ride in 6 months!! The muscle fitness definitely wasn’t there, but fortunately the muscle memory was. Ah, ain’t nothing like riding a bicycle, eh?

      1. East out of Arlington on 530 to Darrington. North to Rockport. West on 20 to Sedro-Wooley. South on 9 back to Arlington. I call this “The Rectangle Ride” — it’s my favorite overnighter. Was damn cold sleeping at night, but good to get out nonetheless. 🙂

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