It’s called work for a reason.

I saw a Facebook post today that inspired this post.  Before I get into it though, I want to be clear.  I like my job, I like what I do, I like my boss and I feel I am DAMN good at what I do.  I am a corporate trainer at the Mighty P, and as I explain it: I mold the Mighty P’s youth (new hirers) in my own image!  Yep I raise them from pups!

But all this being said it is still a job 

The post I saw was this:



And this ladies and gents explains the reason I work.

I do a helluva job and bust my ass.  My trainees come out rarin to go and champin at the bit to work and they do well.  I am proud of them.  But, it is still my job, it is not my fun.

My fun, as anyone and everyone knows is riding my bike, going away with Michelle for short and long trips and disappearing into the mountains for the views you only get in Washington.

 As I look back over my 50 years so far I can honestly say

“Wow I wish I would’ve goon to the ocean more often”





I can seriously say “You know, I never did climb enough things”



AK 70 climbing control tower

St Helens Summit
St Helens Summit

Key West Tree


And damn, when I think about all the years I never rode a bike, and all the places I could’ve gone, sites I’ve could’ve seen, all from the back of the bike, if only I started back in the college days, I just shake my head.  These are just some of the places I’ve been since 2008 on he 2-wheel time machine



Chinook Pass Summit
Chinook Pass Summit
Finished Reach the Beach
Finished Reach the Beach

There is no telling where I could’ve ended up. if only I took the time to do so.

Finally, even though we work together, commute together and spend most of my non cycling time together, there is just never enough away time with Michelle. We are best friends and just like to discover and do things together









I won’t even go into more time with kids,





or with the guys.

Elder Strohs Men

But I don’t want you to think this is one of those, “Damn I regret I didn’t…” That is NOT the point at all of this post.  The point is, at the end of days, be it soon or far, the things I list here are those I will wish I would’ve done more of.

But, as the post said, going to work and sitting in the cubicle aint one them!  I am lucky enough to enjoy my job, and that it pays enough that I can do the fun things we like to do.  But THAT is the purpose of work.  It puts enough money in the checkbook to allow Michelle and I to do fun things, go places we love, eat good food and drink good wine.

Gnome, Wine


I know there are those out there lucky enough to have their fun thing be their job.  I could probably get a job as a Jimmy Johns delivery guy or a pedicab driver, and that would combine work with play, but somehow I just see it paying me enough to do the all the things we want to do.

So I will stay in my cube, do excellent work, and get my job done well each and every day.  And, if a storm or emergency hits, the Mighty P knows they can count on me to put in 16 hours a day if needed.  It is what I do. But I will also leave on time any chance I get and ride my bike home to Michelle or drive to see Manchild for dinner.

But, no way will anyone ever hear me say, DAMN I wish I coulda spent more time in the office!

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