I might have caught him on the bounce….

My friend Terri and I like to tell a story about the time we babysat her niece and she fell off the bed.  We were sitting there, watching TV (probably the A Team, or MacGyver, or The Scarecrow and Mrs. King (hey it was the 80s)) and the kidlet was sitting between us.

For some reason, we both looked away, and she threw her self backwards off the bed!  I dove for her, but I was too late, and she hit the carpeted floor (she was fine.)  When her mom came home I explained that had she bounced, I woulda caught her! Mom was NOT amused…

I almost had a second chance this weekend…

I was another bright and sunny weekend here in Seattle during the 2015 “Year without a Winter.”  Perfect for a quick bike ride!  Saturday was spend running errands and mowing the grass (AGAIN!!  The draw back of no winter!) So that left Sunday for riding.

I had planned to do a 40 mile+, but I forgot to factor in the switch to Daylight Savings.  Now, as a cyclist, I LOVE daylight savings time.  But after going to get the Manchild at 1030 PM and not getting to bed until 11, waking up early was NOT in the picture. We slept in past 8, which never happens.

So along about 1030, I took off.  I decided to do a hard 30+ from my house to Marymoor Park and back.


This would take me along the Burke-Gilman and Sammamish River trails and I could go for speed instead of distance.  It is also the scene of the very cool nature ride of a couple of weeks ago (post).  Because of that I brought the camera.

I am glad I did, because after I got past some real jerks (both on two feet and 2 wheels) I was free to keep an eye out in the trees and along the river.  In doing so, I spotted this guy in a tree across the river!

image I am no expert, but based on the size of this one and location, I am pretty sure it is an immature bald eagle.  If anyone reading this knows for sure, let me know!

I made it to Marymoor in pretty good time, even though I did have to dodge some walkers (not Walking Dead Walkers), and found out the circus was in town.


The kid in me wanted to try to sneak in to look around, but some of the people watching the fence seemed a little scary. So I started for home instead.

On the way back I did stop and take this shot of a loon.



They are everywhere along the trail, but he just look kinda cute getting his sun on…

Then on the way back, the event that titled this blog happened.  I was behind a dad on a bike with a kid on a  tow behind that looked kinda like this.



Editors note:  These are great and both my kids loved them when they were little.  They can pedal and help or just watch the world go by.  However, you do have to be careful as they can throw you off-balance looking around, or when you stop….

He had another kid ahead of him on his own bike.  As I moved to the left to pass, the solo kid pulled over real quick to stop.  Dad was startled and came to a quick stop, but almost lost control, and the bike started to fall towards me.

I swear it was in slow motion, cuz I had time for two thoughts:

  1. Could I unclip and dive to catch the kidlet before he hit; and
  2. Nope, he’s gonna bounce before I got there! (hence the flashback!)

Luckily, Dad was a big guy and was able to muscle it back up before it fell and the kids butt musta been glued to the seat, as he held on for dear life and didn’t fall!  My heart did skip a beat though!

I made it home, after 36 miles (including the 4 miles up from the trail in 2:37:00.  It was a great ride, and by the end I had shucked the coat and enjoyed the warm sun!

After getting home, I found my industrious wife had busted her but and waged war against 2 holly bushes.  The Manchild and I attacked and did some clean up for her, and I set up our hanging strawberry doohickey.



This is a new experiment for us.  The hanging tomato plant  did great last year





So this year, in addition to tomatoes we are hanging the strawberries and will try cucumbers as well!  Farmer Valentes they call us!

All in all a busy and productive weekend!

Like the wind!

8 thoughts on “I might have caught him on the bounce….

  1. I remember that event! Except barb was in the next room and came in when Nikki started crying. Either way, “We’d have caught her on the bounce….she didn’t bounce.” was a moment that has gone down in family history!

  2. Well it certainly looks like you had a much milder winter than we did in Ontario. We had 35 straight days of -20C or colder. Today, it got up to +6 and you would swear it was summer. I might get Cylde out for the first ride of 2015 tomorrow.

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