Yep the legs are tuckered….

As you may expect, at different times of the year, my total miles and work outs in a week vary.  As I get closer to my big rides, going 100 miles on Saturday then a shorter on Sunday, plus biking to work is not abnormal.  This time of year though, rarely do I have a 100 mile week.

This week I busted that….

Last weekend was a busy one with yard work, errands, visiting the mom-in-law, etc.  This meant I couldn’t get the long ride in I wanted, but I did get a fast 36 miler just to stretch the legs. That’s normal for weekend.

Then, as usual, Monday I threw the bike on back of Michelle’s car and we drove into work together.  As we all know, I am lucky enough to be able to sleep in, ride in with her, and then ride my bike back.  I did just that, and added 17 miles to the week.

Running total: 53 miles

Tuesday of course is dinner with the Manchild.  Since I was stuck with a late meeting, he came up into town to see me.  We went down into Amazon town to Cactus for Mexican food. YUM!  He felt good when the hostess asked “Are you both 21?”  (he is 17)!

When we sat down he looked uncomfortable and when I asked what was up he said “This is a fancy place, I just have a crappy white tshirt on!”  “It’s Amazon town dude, its ok!”  I will have to tell him later on this week I saw someone walk out of there wearing a white tshirt, showing a guy on a commode with earbuds in, and the caption read, iPood! 

Of course after I dropped him off, as usual, I did stairs on the way home.  Here is a creepy shot of my shadow keeping pace with me.



I realized though, that the week was changing the next day.  Michelle was heading to Portland, and I was going to be getting up early to ride both ways for work.  I was REALLY going to miss that hour of sleep! I only did 5 reps on the stairs to keep the legs fresh.

The weather man called for rain Wednesday, so I had the gortex ready.  When I woke up though, it was dry as a tater chip and hella warm.  Folks there is NUTHIN worse that wearing rain gear in warm weather.  So I took a gamble and went with shorts and a jacket. (have I mentioned this was the year without a winter?  Out before 5 AM and warm enough, on a bike, for shorts!)

The legs felt great and I was flying, it had been a long time since I rode in the dark, and I had forgotten how much I liked it.  It’s quiet, I have the trail to myself, and the slightest russell of the grass or splash in the lake can be heard.  It is very much like floating.

As I neared the Mighty P, there on the sidewalk was a buddy of mine I hadn’t seen in a year waiting for a bus.  ‘KURT!!!” I yelled, and pulled onto the sidewalk. He told me that in the dark he didn’t recognize me, but there was no way he could mistake my bellow…

We were able to talk for a bit before his bus showed up,  Try that with a car commute…

The weather gods took pity on me, and the drizzle started a mile from the office, I get there relatively dry, no problem!  It rained off and on all day, but once again, there was break in the afternoon, and I made a beeline, again in shorts and an even lighter jacket!  Once again the weather gods smiled.  Just as I slid the bike into the back door, yonder came the rain!  Good clean livin I like to call it!  Add 34 miles

Running total 87 miles

OK, that night I was not smart.  I was in the middle of a great book: The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America (thanks for the recommendation Sarah!) so I was up late reading and watching “Falling Skies” on Amazon.  Add to it, the alarm didn’t go off, I over slept some…

I thought about just driving, but it was supposed to be a shirt sleeve commute going home,  One does NOT waste a sunny warm bike ride day in March, PLUS I was going to see Joe Kurmaskie talk after work.



He inspires people to ride, so ride I must!  I got to work in plenty of time, I just had to rush through my shower and  oatmeal a bit (no NOT at the same time!).  Legs were still feeling ok, but walking upstairs from the cafeteria was a bit slow.  The ride home was in shirt sleeves, with sunshine and a joy to ride. 34 miles in.

Running total 121 miles.

While I was having dinner, Joe pinged me asking “Do you have a Macbook and can you bring the power cord to the talk??”  “Well yes and yes!” So off to Cascade bike club I went.  PSA here: NEVER trust Siri on the iPhone, even with an address, she had no idea where to go, and I had never been there.

Some Dan Henry’s

Left turn ahead on the STP
Left turn ahead on the STP

Would have been nice!  But at least I finally saw some signs that took me to the hinterlands of Magnusson park.  Joe was great!  But again, I was up too late..

The alarm DID go off on time Friday, but that inner voice started talking to me.  “Do we really need to do this again?  Wow those legs feel tired (and the did) Doesn’t the bed feel comfy?”  I am not happy to say, the voice almost won, but I dragged my butt out of bed and out the door.  MAINLY because our local weather dude, Steve Pool, said it was going to be 70.  (Not even close I would like to point out)

The ride in and back was a bit slow, but not too bad.  The legs were tired, but they moved me along.  I will say, this round trip felt more like a commute than a bike ride, but it still beat driving.  34 miles that day.

Final total 155 miles!  2.5 to 3 times the distance of a normal week this time of year!

This is why this morning I am sitting on my rear, typing away for y’all to read, and resting some.  Of course this afternoon I will be working at the winery (Dusted Valley!) in Woodinville (feel free to stop by!).  Then tomorrow is the McClinchy mile, 60 miles round trip from Arlington to Darrington!

I better get to bed early tonight!

13 thoughts on “Yep the legs are tuckered….

  1. You had a mighty nice week of rides–congrats! The lovely weather sure does help with the miles, doesn’t it?

    Wow, Joe called you? And asked you for your Mac? I didn’t realize you two were bosom buddies! Rubbin’ elbows with the celebrities, eh? 🙂

    Enjoy your Arlington to Darrington ride. Have you been through there since the Oso slide? It’s quite amazing!

    1. In looking for another joe on facebook, I saw Kurmaskie. I thought ” big time author will never accept or talk to me. The man is as fun on Facebook as he is in person. His posts about his kids are hilarious, and he is just a regular guy!

      The ride tomorrow is a fund raiser for the Oso survivors and goes right through the slide, and Nope I haven’t been there. The science geek in me is very excited to see what it looks like. I will have the camera!

      1. Wow…

        The science I had, but the first hand stories were needed to here. I will stop and give a moment of silence tomorrow when I pass through. Thanks for this …

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