What I learned from Spin class

Ok, so as you may or may not know, I am once again stuck in Spokane without the bike, my main means of exercise.  I know, I could disassemble mine and fly it over, but since I fly home every weekend, I just can’t see doing that twice every weekend.  And yep I know I could buy a +1 bike, and keep it over here, but I am a cheap SOB.

Instead, I compromised.  I knew the work out room in the gym was not going to cut it, so I signed up for spin classes.  HEY I can ride a bike for 16 hours straight and cover 200 miles in a day, how hard can this be….  (yep famous last words)

I found a place very close to the hotel (close enough I might walk tomorrow) called The Union which had classes on the days and time I needed, and the people seemed friendly.  AND they used my SPD clipless shoes, so I would be a natural!

Since I wanted to find the place, I got there early and was the first in the room.  OK, so far this looked easyimage

I grabbed a bike near the back and got it set up.  By the time we were ready to go ALL these bikes were filled, and the legs started to move.  Folks here is what I learned day one of spin:

1) There are not many 50 year old duffers like me in spin class!  Yep the clientele was mostly 20 – 30 ladies, some maybe in their 40s.  There were only 3 other guys in there, and only one was close to my age.  I am glad I got there first, if I saw all of them there before, I may NOT have stayed.

2) Spin class does NOT play my music.  Folks with a 50 + minute work out I did NOT recognize a single song.  It was all loud, it had kind of beat, but it sure wasn’t Loverboy or any of the other music I did step aerobics back in college.

3) Our intrepid hero, Mountainstroh, has NEVER been able to dance, as he suffers from a severe lack of rhythm.  This also means he is sure as hell NOT graceful on a spin bike! Down up, left right front back 2 3 4!!!   I am sure I looked like a drunken sailor or a flailing monkey!

4) Some of the stuff you do just aint natural while pedaling.  On a bike I sit or stand if necessary, but I stick to the middle of the bike and keep it going as straight and smooth as possible.  This leaning side to side back and forth stuff  just seemed wrong.  Maybe I was doing it wrong, but I was afraid I was gonna fall over and start a spin bike domino effect all across the room.  I had to tone it down some or I woulda had a room of spandex clad ladies VERY cross with me!

5) Where did the black light stuff come from? The girls with the orange tops that glowed brighter than  a thousand suns kept causing me to see spots in front of my eyes with the after image.  And with them strategically between me and the instructor I had no choice but to look at the light…..

6) The seat needs to be lower than I do on the bike.  Whenever I threw my butt back like the rest of them did I bounced it off the seat, I am sure I have bruised cheeks!

7) That skinny little instructor was just playing with us, she didn’t even break a sweat!  I am pretty sure her PERSONAL workout would have killed us all!

8) Gatorade is NOT the drink for spin, straight water is a better plan!

9) 50 Spin minutes is like a 3 hour staff meeting discussing the benefits of left-handed mousing when working with spread sheets.  Meaning it lasted forever!

10) Finally, and most importantly, I can do it.  It aint pretty, nor graceful, but I stuck with the cadence, did most of the moves, and only at the very end did I sit on the seat while she and the rest stood, but my legs NEVER stopped.

I will be back tomorrow, then Thursday.  Folks, riding the bike gave me stamina, but it did NOT prepare me for spin…. But it’s either that or get chubby again!

Like the wind!

OH PS, Spin class is hotter than HELL!!  I much prefer the wind in my hair!!

12 thoughts on “What I learned from Spin class

  1. Hahaha! What a great post — I was laughing the WHOLE time I read it! I have steered very far away from spin classes for the very reasons you highlighted. Thank you for confirming that my fears are actually rooted in reality.

    You are one tough dude. High fives and a hell of a lot of respect to you! 🙂

    1. I got a high five from the 20 something next to me who seemed impressed I didn’t

      1 fall off
      2 quit
      3 die

      While riding next to her :). We’ll see how tonight goes. But NOPE this will not be a regular r occurrence at home, I don’t want to own orange day glow spandex….

      1. You *must* get a photo for your next blog post. Can you ask that 20-something-next-to-you to take a shot of you on your spin bike, in one of this crazy, near-domino-creating movements?

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