Racking Up the Miles: March 2015

For months now, I have been calling 2015 “the year without a winter”.  February was warm, dry, and great cycling weather.  One would’ve hoped that this would have been the same in March with the advent of spring…

However, for those of you who are not from Seattle, spring time can be one of he coldest and wettest times of the year, and this month was not exception..

Early on in the month, I found out that I would out that I would once again be going to so Spokane to teach, sans bike.  Back in November and December, this played hell with my cycling and the pot belly. Remembering this I did two things.

First I did my damdest to get as many miles as I could while I did have access to the bike.  With Michelle gone for a girls trip, that meant I could do some morning and evening rides, biking to and from work.  This, combined with the weekend ride before hand netted me the first 150 mile week of 2015.  That week alone accounted for half the miles of the month.

I then topped it off with the wettest ride of 2015, the McClinchy mile. A 60 mile round trip from Arlington to Darrington, past the Oso mudslide.



Given the headwinds, rain and steady gain in elevation, this was the hardest 60 I have done in years.  Add to it the somber nature of the ride, and I am left with a very memorable ride.  Well worth the effort and money spent to do so.  Plus I have to admit, the return leg with a tail wind and losing elevation was a blast!

The last ride of the month, a fast 35 (with a 1.5 mile hill thrown in for fun) was supposed to be uneventful and quick.  I had to get back home to pack again to return to Spokane AND get all the chores and errands done  before the season finale of the Walking Dead.

Somewhere I forgot the definition of uneventful does NOT include he biggest crash in three years! Yep wiped out on the wet trail.



I finished the ride, but I had to explain to the students in the class I am teaching at work (a conservative insurance company, mind you) how their instructor crashed and burned over the weekend.

The other thing I did to keep from losing the leg muscles was sign up, for the first time ever, for a spin class.  Sorry for the blurry picture, I took it quickly before any of the 20 somethings running around in yoga pants could think I was an old perv instead of just the sweaty old guy with no rhythm!

image image


I have now taken 5 sessions and I am happy to report I have yet to be carried out on a stretcher.  However, in addition to what I shared in the post: What I learned in spin class, I feel the need to share one more item that may save your life.

If at the beginning of your spin session you hear the instructor say, “OK Bitches, are you ready to (she didn’t sat F) this place up with me?!?!” Followed quickly by, “For those of you in crappy (she didn’t say crappy) relationships, we are going to work out all that pain in here!!  And if you have a good relationship, well F (she didn’t say F) you and try to keep up!!”  If you hear this combination, for the luva gawd run away, cuz that crazy chick is out to kill you!  She was nuts and I was lucky to survive!!

So all in all, it has been a memorable month of pedaling.  Since there is no odometer on a spin bike, I have no way to measure the distance I have pedaled, yet gone nowhere.  However, even with those sessions, these legs logged 301 miles.  I am VERY happy with this, since one long weekend Michelle and I left the real world and treated ourselves to relaxation, wine and waves, and I never even thought about the bike.



All in all a great month!  Next week I will be home, teaching remotely and starting to log as many miles as possible.  I also find out if I am selected for the RAMROD. April could be fun!

Like the wind!

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  1. Love the photo of you on your spin bike! Thanks for taking it. No worries on the blur — it’s quite “artsy” as is. 🙂

    I’m curious…did any of your spin class lady friends ask about your road rash? 🙂

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