Lord things are gonna start getting busy

It makes me laugh to title this post this way.  Why?  Cuz I have to tell you, for the last month and a half at work I have been busier than, as my dad would say, a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest! Between teaching in Spokane and two projects that are due at the same time, it has been non-stop.

Then at home, Michelle and I have been helping out her mom, (mostly her but I help!) Working in the garden (mostly her but I help) and both of us have been working out a lot!  She now has three half marathons to do this year, and I of course have the RAMROD.

May, however, will be even worse! I mean BETTER!!

First off, I have 4 (nope not a typo 4) century rides (100 miles) in May.  The first is this coming Sunday, the Mayday Classic.  100 or so miles of steep hills, head winds, and, if its the same as last year, heavy rains!  My hope is that I will see sights like this

Plenty of views of the mountain on the Mayday Classic
Plenty of views of the mountain on the Mayday Classic

And if today is like today (77 degrees and sunny!) I will.  But last year, the most unusual sight I saw was this. (Betcha most of you don’t have one of these)



Yep, when you live in the shadow of one of the biggest volcano in the continental US, you kinda need to know which way to “Run like hell” if it decides to burp!

You would think I would take Saturday off and rest.  However, I have been tapped for “Will work for Wine!” at Dusted Valley.  Just to let you know, after a day of doing that, having a bit when I am done, and riding this ride Sunday, it could be a few days before I have enough energy to blog! (ok maybe not my best plan, but really, how can you turn down free wine…)



At least at the end there is free apple pie!

Then, two weeks later, it is my second ever Reach the Beach!  100 miles from Portland to Pacific City!

Finished Reach the Beach
Finished Reach the Beach

This was, aside from the Mayday Classic last year and the McClinchy mile this year, the wettest ride I’ve ever done.  It started raining at the starting point, and continued non stop for the first 25 miles.  The next 50, it stopped and I was just starting to warm up and dry out when, BOOM! the last 25, OVER a pass on the coastal range mind you, redoubled the rain!  It of course stopped JUST as I got to the beach…

I am looking forward to this ride though.  One because it is pretty and takes me through wine country

imageBut more importantly, we get to stay on the Oregon coast for 5 days afterwards! Once again at the Inn at Spanish head!



With this view!

image image


Lord we need a vacation!  And it doesn’t matter if it rains.  We are sitting on our asses, walking on the beach, and watching waves.  We deserve it!  PLUS, after two centuries I promise you we will be eating well!

The last two ride are the next two weekends (yep first time ever 3 centuries in 3 weekends, but gotta get the legs ready!) but they are local.  The first starts in Kirkland.  I have no idea where it goes, but I know it is supposed to have hills, and some of the entry fees go toward providing homes for the homeless.  How do I know it has hills?  Its called the 7 Hills of Kirkland.  And somewhere along the route is a bagpiper.  I will probably bike to this ride (which will add 2 more hills) but Kirkland traffic SUCKS for cars!

Finally, I have my LEAST favorite century, yet one I do every year.  Cascades Flying Wheels Summer Century.  All around Snohomish county.  This was my first every 100 mile ride way back in 2008, and its tough.  The problem with it?  WAY too many riders.  And, sadly, too many stupid riders!

I know that sounds harsh but bear with me here.  I have seen two people stop traffic at an intersection of a major highway debating whether to turn left or right (the first time you turn left, the second right) I finally had to point the correct direction and yell at them before the cop directing traffic slapped the cuffs on them!

Last year on this ride, a pace line of douchewaffles forced a lone rider into a parked car.  He was down for the count, and they didn’t stop. Some people don’t get these are FUN rides! They’re for the exercise, they are NOT in the Tour de France.  I promise you if they try to ever force me off the road I will demonstrate how dominoes work!

And, yep two years ago, a homeowner looked outside and saw 3 lady cyclist peeing in his yard, not behind a tree or bush, right in the yard!  They musta felt these lines were too long I guess. Hence the reason I said stupid!



honey bucket So with all this, why do I still ride this one?  One because it is close and easy to get to.  Two because it is a great training ride with hills. But, the main reason is this guy.



I caught him by accident just before the mother bear of all the hills on this route! Folks if a man with only one complete leg can do this, and note he was ahead of me when I saw him, how can I NOT ride it!

So yep!  4 centuries in a month.  I will be eating like a horse, which is not a bad thing.  PLUS it is bike to work month, and I am yet again the captain of the PEMCO team.  It is quite possible the Racking up the Miles in May could be record!  We will have to see!

But Damn we are gonna be busy!

Like the wind folks!


6 thoughts on “Lord things are gonna start getting busy

  1. My legs hurt just reading your blog. 😛

    I love the evacuation sign! I saw tons of tsunami evacuation signs on my ride down the Pacific Coast a few years ago. I thought the signs were super-duper valuable in providing insight into my elevation. One of my trip take-aways was the following: “If you see a ‘entering tsunami zone’ signs, then you are at a low point in your elevation profile. If you see a ‘leaving tsunami zone’ sign, then you have gained elevation.”

    While I understand the need to get training in for RAMROD, and while I understand you have a connection to the centuries you’re riding this month, I hope you’ll incorporate more rest time into your month in addition to your 5 days at Spanish Head. While I’m all for pushing oneself, rest is super-duper important, too.

    Looking forward to hearing about all your rides — though I totally understand that it may be awhile before we hear from you again. 🙂

    1. You know, I had the same epiphany on the coast but mine was with “Passing lane ahead” which meant there was a serious hill a comin, and “Passing Lane ends” meant I was getting to the top!

      I promise to make sure that after May the legs get rest, and I cutting out the stairs this week just because of that. For some reason it seems like May each year is my biggest month!

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