Becoming a Member of the Strohs Bros and Fros

Tonight was dinner with the Manchild, as are most Tuesdays.  I had a hankering for some pancakes, so it was off to IHOP for a quick dinner and then on to play some billiards.  All in all a typical Tuesday night.

As we left the restaurant, though, a commercial came on advertising Huey Lewis and News playing at a local casino.  Without thinking, I heard a window shaking “HUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!” come out of my mouth.  As is the norm when I do something strange, the Manchild gives a little sigh, and just looks at me.  He knows there is going to be a story.

“Dude!” says I, “have I ever told you how I met Dave and Jim?”

I have done many a post here about my three best friends, Scott, Dave and Jim.


Elder Strohs Men


We have known and been there for  each other since the 80s, and will do so until we are pushing up daisies sometime in the future.  Scott I met in 82, on the first floor of our dorm.  However, Jim and Dave


didn’t happen unit the beginning of 85.

The Manchild was intrigued, though he hated to show it.  This is a story he had never heard!  I have been careful over the years of the things I told both boys, as they were young and impressionable. But now he is 17, and I am sure the interwebs have corrupted him much more than I could, so I decided it was time to tell him, and now you!

Back in 84/85 the Mudsucker (Scott)  and I shared a room with Donna and Carol. Two very gorgeous sorority girls.  It was purely platonic. (no really!). Donna was also a member of the Cougar Marching band.

At this time Huey Lewis was HUGE! (Heart of Rock and Roll baby!) and we learned he was coming to Pullman! OK, we are going! Well, to buy tickets, you of course had to stand in line over night.  In this case, the line was for vouchers that told you when you could come back for tickets.  Donna told us some band friends were going to camp out over night and we could add our names to the list of those they would get tickets for. DONE!  Damn fools, this was January in Pullman, and cold as hell! I was all for it!

Well, the Saturday night they were camping out, we were hanging around our apartment, possibly having some adult beverages (ok beer) when along about midnight Donna announces, “I am going to walk over to the coliseum to hang out with them!”

DAMN! My old pappy raised me that girls didn’t walk alone in the dark, Which meant if she went I had to!  But I figured I could drop her off and come home.  Little did I know this one decision changed so many things!

I got there and we found Jim, Dave and many MANY more.  They were burning police barricades in trash barrels to stay warm (Police were there and seemed to be OK with it (we Cougs stick together!)) and, shocking I know, drinking beer! Donna introduced me to Jim and Dave, and suddenly there was a beer in my hand!

Well, it would be RUDE to leave before I had at least one….

I was puzzled though, they were drinking out pitchers, but I couldn’t tell where the beer was coming from. YET!!


I soon learned. I was tapped on the shoulder by a someone (who will remain nameless, even thought the statute of limitations ran out LONG ago) and soon I was in a car, holding 2 empty pitchers driving to someones apartment.  Turns out the person who lived there threw a party, that very few people turned up to.  He and his roommates had their fill of a keg and soon fell deep asleep (ok maybe passed out!) with the doors unlocked.

This group was making repeated trips to the apartment to refill the beer for those of us braving the cold! Legend has it, the main guy went to lift the keg the next day to see how much was left and almost put it through the ceiling as it was empty.  He was heard to say “WOW! I had no idea we drank so much!”

Editors note: At this point Manchild looked at me and said, “WAIT! You stole beer and rode in a car carrying two open containers??  That’s wrong!!”  “YEP!” said I, “NEVER do this!!” He just shook his head at me!

You know, I really don’t know if ever found out about this, but he is a reader of the blog, so he may know now…

From there on, I became one of the clan! Well close, not before I had to perform a ritual that has followed us for 30+ years. Yes, drinking beer while standing on my head.  It was demonstrated first by Jim



and I soon followed (notice I upped it a bit drinking from the pitcher instead of a measly cup!



Folks for the record I can still do this today, and many of my friends, even one presently  very proper church going lady with children, has done this at least once.

From this moment on I was one of the Strohs!  I was invited to join the Innertube water polo team they had just formed as well as softball, football, and any other sport you can think of later on. The semester I met these two, was the only one in my entire life I had less than a B average. Jim still swears it was a coincidence!

Well, along about 5 or so, most of these drunken sots fell asleep.  I went for a walk to see when the ticket window was going to open, when suddenly it did, early! I grabbed my voucher, as people were snoring hard.  Then ran back to wake my new clan to get theirs as well! As the last of us got ours, then I started waking up others.  Soon I was the proud owner of one ticket



It was one helluva concert.

More importantly. because of my tagging along to keep Donna safe, I had (pre Michelle) the most memorable times of my life afterwards.  Parties, sporting events, weddings, road trips, adventures,


discussions, and life in general.  I can’t imagine what my life woulda been without these guys.  In all honesty, I was a pretty quiet and shy (no lie) person prior to meeting them.  Jim and Dave brought me out of my shell and showed me how much fun life could be!

Soon after I introduced them to Scott and the 4 of us together could not be stopped!

We are all 4 dads now, but I am pretty damn sure that each one of us hopes that our kids have, or will have, there versions of The Strohs Bros.  I am not being immodest when I say, we were and ARE truly amazing!

4 thoughts on “Becoming a Member of the Strohs Bros and Fros

  1. What a fun story! How cool that you became part of the Strohs, and how cool that you are still in touch after all these years!

    I wish I would have had such a clan. Then again, it might have helped if I drank in college. 😉

    1. Well I will admit the drinking did help! But the intramural sports was even a bigger part. That and Jim and Dave were, and still are a force to be reckoned with.

      The energy they exuded and the fun they had made me want to do the same. I would honestly not have been the same guy without them.

      We woulda loved to have you in our group with or without drinking! I am betting you’d be a animal in innertube waterpolo!

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